Monday, February 28, 2011


2011 Touring season is upon us, and so the question is:  Where are we going in 2011?  Well, at the moment, we have a few old car trips on the agenda.  1) Model A Tour to Death Valley in March.  2) Model A Tour to the Northern California Model A Roundup in Vallejo in May.  3) Model T Speedster Endurance Run and Lowland Tour right here in the Valley in June.  4) National Model T Tour in Pincher Creek, Alberta also in June.  5) Model A Tour to Nevada in September. Maybe the Arizona Model T Speedster Run in Flagstaff (thinking about that one.) That ought to keep us busy, just keeping us and the cars running if nothing else.
First things first, we are getting close to the Death Valley trip.  On the way back from Wyoming last summer with the Guzzettas,  we got to talking about a Death Valley trip for Model A’s.  Few more conversations, and we decided to do it.  Bob made out the itinerary, Pat located lodging, John and Judy came up with a logo, and started planning goodie bags, and it just grew like topsy.  We mentioned it at a Model A Club meeting, thinking maybe 4 or 5 folks would be interested in coming along, and tapped into a motherlode of pentup touring enthusiasm.  So, at the present time, we have 19 cars, 16 are Model A’s, 3 are modern cars, 35 people, 19 are gentleman, 16 are ladies, 2 dogs, and as Pat says, a partridge in a pear tree.
death valley logo
We are gathering supplies, car parts, and clothes.  We are hoping for wildflowers and nice weather, but in studying Death Valley weather records, it can be anywhere between 53 and 102 degrees, so we have cautioned all the folks to be prepared for anything.  We participated in a Model T tour in Death Valley some years ago and the temperature ranged from balmy shirt sleeve weather to blowing frigid cold.  That particular day, which started out balmy and then turned bitter cold, the second hand store in Beatty, NV did a land office business in warm clothing for Model T people.
If you would like to see our itinerary, you can click on the following: