Sunday, July 01, 2018

A Convention in Reno - Day 8

June 30, 2018.  289 miles, Reno to home.   4500 ft to 8500 to sea level.  72 degrees in Reno to 60 degrees at Carson Pass to 102 degrees in Stockton to 92 degrees at home.   We left at 5:30AM after getting forecast temperatures in the valley of 105 degrees.  Worked the little black coupe pretty hard, home at 1:00PM, and walked into the house.  We will unload one of these days......

As we climbed up to Carson Pass, still some natural air conditioning left here and there.

Minor difficulty on the way home,  removed the rattling air cleaner.  Got rid of that annoying little sound.

Home at last, 1063 miles on the odometer.  Coupe did good, no overheats, no vapor lock, but of course I do have a new do-list.    And this friendly face was really glad to see us, much wiggling and crying, and "could we go play now, I brought you my toy!!!"