Sunday, July 08, 2012

MARQUETTE - Epilogue

Well, finally got all my receipts and notes in one place and here are a few interesting facts about our trip.  We were 30 days on the road, drove through 16 states and put 6926 miles on the little black coupe. We had 90 meals out and lots of ice cream stops. Mechanically, had to deal with a broken alternator bracket (replaced with baling wire), and pulled the carburetor off and either changed it or took it apart and re-assembled it at least 5 times.  We did have vapor lock issues until I wrapped everything up in aluminum foil. I only lost two parts, an air cleaner in Michigan (forgot to safety it on with baling wire) and a turn signal flasher somewhere in Arizona (more baling wire holding the new one on).  The moral of that story is: carry baling wire and use it. 

Put a set of new Firestones on before the trip and I must say they don’t show any appreciable wear, I think they are using a better rubber compound now.  We filled the gas tank 52 times, and changed the oil twice.  We had an increasing oil leak as the trip went on, don’t know why yet, that will await a little disassembly of the engine. Anyway, we added a total of about 17 quarts for the total trip, mostly on the way back from Michigan.  The Tillotson carb (when it wasn’t leaking) performed the best and got 17 mpg going and 18 mpg coming home.  The Zenith, which was on for about 1000 miles, mostly in Michigan, got a tad under 17 mpg.  Overall, we did 17.2 mpg from start to finish. 

We had a great trip, lots of fun, lots of backroad adventures.  So, where are we going next?  The little black coupe is sleeping on it.TDSC03297

Sunday, July 01, 2012


South Lake Tahoe, CA to Los Altos Hills, CA, 227 miles. The final push, only took two pictures today. (we are definitely travel weary.) One at the top of Carson Pass where we stopped for an oil check, definitely downhill from here,,,,TDSC03234 and one more at home sweet home!!!!!!!!TDSC03236 Going across the valley, Pat figured out that we were going to be 75 miles short of 7000.  So I said, “maybe we should take a little side trip.”  What do you think she said to that?  Fortunately, I was driving and so I will live to see another day.

Heard from Nicholsons, they, Kafers, and Eldertons are in Wells, NV tonight.  We gave them a restaurant recommendation.   (the only restaurant).

Thanks for following along with us and worrying us home.  When the dust settles, I will do an epilogue, might not be for a day or two.   Goodnite,  Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are.