Saturday, June 22, 2013

THE KANAB ADVENTURE – Day 10 – the end

Jamestown, CA to Home, 134 miles.  Got up early even though it was a short driving day, just had to get a couple pictures of our hotel.  It is a nice old refurbished structure in the historic section of Jamestown.TDSC05290TDSC05291TDSC05287

This was our latest departure.  Started out the driveway at 9:00, late for us but we did not want to get into rush hour traffic in the Bay area.  Just as we were pulling out, George Fontaine came by in his Model A speedster.  This required a shutdown and detailed inspection, as it is quite a nice work of art.TDSC05298 TDSC05295 

From Jamestown, we pounded the highway, running 55 to 60 mph most of the time.  I know traffic is increasing in CA. Even in the middle of the day, the freeways that we have to unavoidably get on are packed and folks are going like hell.  We did take old Altamont and circle Livermore on Tesla and Concannon, but we had to do a stretch on 205 and of course on 680 and 237.  But, we had a nice leisurely lunch break at Garre Winery in Livermore, and almost all the folks are now safe at home.  The two motor homes are still on the road and “Charlotte”  the yellow phaeton when last heard from was in KS heading for MO and going strong.

Here are some statistics from our trip.  My odometer says we traveled 2248 miles.   We had 21 fuel stops. Most expensive gas was in Yosemite at $4.41.  Least expensive gas was in Mesquite, NV at $3.51.  The little black coupe got 18.7 mpg overall.   We had to add 2 quarts of oil, I think most of it is on the bottom mixed with dust, did not have to add any water, overflow bottle worked like a charm.  It is pretty dirty, got a good cleaning job ahead.  Dust and oil is such a great combination. 

And here are some interesting blog statistics:  This blog had over 1000 hits last week, most from the USA and from the Santa Clara Model A Club link, but a large interest from France (69) of all places.  We also had multiple hits from Indonesia(25), Russia(17), Polland(12), Germany(11), UK(6), Japan(4), Italy(3) and Turkey(3).  Isn’t that funny?

So,,,,,,,    goodnight Mrs. Calabash, where ever you are.  Next trip will be in September.

Friday, June 21, 2013


Tonopah, NV to Jamestown, CA, 248 miles.  When we awoke this morning, some of the cars had been vandalized.  Lovejoy, Polland and Nicholson cars were targeted.  Fortunately, no permanent damage, just stuff thrown on the cars making a mess. What mentality gets enjoyment out of that?

Heading west on Hwy 6, there are modern day ghost towns, places where it looks as though folks just walked away.  And then of course the vandals take over.TDSC05232

After entering CA, we picked up route 120 at its eastern end and this is a fun road.  Besides the beautiful alpine scenery, the road is like a roller coaster, and the faster you go, the more thrilling it is. Bob had to try different speeds, 50 was good, 55 was better and 60 was thrilling.  I think  we would have left the ground if we had gone any faster!

Finally, a glimpse of the Sierras,,,,,TDSC05245 

This Mono Lake view captured us,,,,TDSC05247

So we dirt roaded into the Tufa preserve where we found these Tufa People,,,,TDSC05254

After lunch, we tackled Tioga Pass from the east side.  That is a climb and a test of our poor little Model A’s.  Long stretches of 2nd gear over, and you think you hear new noises.

Yosemite is so spectacular, all the huge granite,,,TDSC05263

We finally made it to Jamestown and our rather funky hotel, very old but refurbished very nicely. TDSC05291 (click for a bigger version)


John and Judy Guzzetta threw a welcome home BBQ for our traveling group tonight.   TDSC05267

Also on hand to welcome us were George and Barb Fontaine and George and Diane Oeh.      John had two BBQ’s going,,,,TDSC05269 and Judy stacked the side tables with goodies,,,,TDSC05276 Believe me, this band of weary travelers was very appreciative, thank you John and Judy.

The gang surprised us with a little 49th anniversary celebration,  we had no idea they even knew it was our anniversary, cake and ice cream, flowers and cards, wow,,,  thanks, guys.TDSC05281

Model A news, Pat Lovejoy changed his water pump this morning, it was developing a squeal.  John Polland’s A was delivered by AAA express to Jamestown via Sonora Pass, he beat all of us to Jamestown.  Lee Dal Canto’s A has a clack.  Pat very cleverly narrowed it down to the timing gear, Lee has decided to flatbed home rather than do a parking lot repair.  That’s it, all the news that’s fit to print.    Home tomorrow.

Thursday, June 20, 2013


Cedar City, UT to Tonopah, NV, 294 miles.  Out there on the Extraterrestrial Highway!!!   We had a run of 155 miles with no gas station today, which can be right at the outer limits for the A.  So we all carried 2 extra gallons of gas.  It was a lovely morning with a good news/bad news weather forecast.  Good news was that forecast temperature for Tonopah was 72, wow, 18 degrees below normal just for us.  Bad news was that strong winds were coming our of NW.     That slowed us down all day, especially uphill into the wind at 5 or 6 thousand feet of elevation.     But things were going really well and we were making really good time until,,,,,,,


You know what that means, don’t you?  (click on any picture for a larger version)


Yep, on the trailer.  The pinion bearing apparently locked up just as John Polland was pulling over to investigate.  We had to take a key out of one axle so that it could be moved onto the trailer.  Told people to continue but no dice, not leaving until the problem is dealt with.  Kudos to Joe Davis for bringing that trailer with him.

Since it was the Extraterrestrial Highway, we kept our eyes out for aliens, searched and searched and finally found one.TDSC05209

And apparently if there are aliens in the area they have gone into business selling jerky.  We fell for it, loaded up in case we are abducted as we go by Area 51.TDSC05207

As you go by Area 51, it looks like this.  No signs, just mysterious roads that take off to the south and go over that ridge in the left side of the picture.  And one lonely sign that says “watch out for low-flying aircraft.”  Really?????  Do they actually fly low enough that a Model A on the highway has to actually dodge them???TDSC05215

Stopped in Rachel, NV, for lunch at the Little Ale E Inn, the only outpost on the Extraterrestrial Highway.  That’s Connie, one of the owners in our car.TDSC05214

Chowed down on Alien Burgers, bought a bunch of souvenirs and admired the memorabilia, especially liked this sign on the wall that someone must have liberated. TDSC05213

And then, more of the same, down for 10 miles, then up for 10 miles, empty valley after empty valley.TDSC05220

Took a break at Warm Springs,,,,TDSC05219

So here we are in Tonopah, home of the famous Silvertop Mine.TDSC05223

Tomorrow, Tioga pass, getting close to home, the Model A’s are straining at the bit.  Stay tuned.  By the way, I put in 9 gallons, some folks put in more.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Kanab to Cedar City, UT, 102d miles.  Today we left Kanab and the Parry Lodge and did one last trip north on 89.  TDSC05155

Our first destination this morning was Coral Pink Sands State Park.  Climbed a sand dune to look down on the parking lot.TDSC05159 

And here are the sand people up on the dune, this was irresistible to get your shoes off and sink into that nice soft cool sand. Everyone loved the color and we all looked for and found a tiger beetle.    Look that one up.TDSC05160

Janet and Lizanne tried out cardboard sleds but they were not slick enough.  Buckaroo is supervising.TDSC05163

Moved on down the road to an observation deck and this group here started to get a little silly.TDSC05177

First they decided to send a greeting to the club,,,,  

And then it became improvisational theater.  I liked this one the best,,,,,

Lunch in Duck Creek Village at Aunt Sues Chalet.TDSC05182 

Now, I am gaining a reputation as a pie connoisseur, because I can not pass up a piece of homemade pie.   Oh, man this mountain berry pie was to die for.TDSC05181

Our next destination was Cedar Breaks and Brian Head, a very tall (11,300 ft) peak in southern Utah and it has a dirt road to the top.  Some of us took it, of course, even dipped the wheels in a trace of snow. 



The view was 360 degrees from the top of the world, and you could see 100 miles.  Notice the sound of the whistling wind.  That is bringing cool air in for tomorrow.

We were a little dirty when we got back to the main road.TDSC05192

We are in Cedar City tonight, and the first thing we did was go to a car wash and get shipshape again.  Only casualty today was one tire on Wildman’s trailer.  Model A’s did fine.  Long day tomorrow.

Monday, June 17, 2013


214 miles today, nice and cool heading out which is a good thing because it is a long climb out of Kanab at 4000 ft up to the Kaibab Plateau at 8800 feet.  Big vistas, is the canyon out there somewhere?TDSC05097 Anyway, here’s what we do on the long drive to the north rim, way up there in the alpine meadow at 8800 feet.

Jorgensens went topless today, probably gained a little speed on the hills. For sure had a better view of the scenery.TDSC05135 

SCVC gang at the canyon way out on a viewpoint.TDSC05116

The canyon does inspire folks to just gaze at the view.TDSC05118


And be silly way out on that point, can you make out who it is?  The ones with their arms in the air. Click on this one to make it big.TDSC05126   

In case you are wondering about the view from way out there,,,,,,

On the way back, we stopped at a full service gas station, holy moley, just like old times, almost looks like the Texaco man.TDSC05136

And look what we saw on the way out of the park,,,,TDSC05138 

The babies were very cute, but the mamas were fearsome.  Stopped at a viewpoint for the men to stretch their legs, the women did a little shopping.  There were 3 Indian ladies selling jewelry.  TDSC05139

  Had a BBQ dinner tonight and then you can guess what we did after that.TDSC05146

We did see Eldertons today just before they headed east on their month long junket.   Rumor has it (from Nora) that Chuck actually took it S L O W on the climb up to North Rim yesterday in the heat of the day.  Even Charlotte can be slowed down by 6% grades and 90 plus temperatures.  Only time Charlotte has been seen going slow, period.  Today was tire day, flats for Polland and Jorgensen, no obvious reason, just went flat.


Today was Zion National Park. It was a short mileage day, 87 miles, still got in at 4:00.  Here’s a few pics, click on any of them for a bigger version.

Another great morning, blue sky, cool air, A’s all running good.


Entering Zion takes you through a series of tunnels, one of them is one mile long, hewn through the sandstone monolith back in 1931.


Everybody stopped at this scenic lookout to marvel at the rocks.


Once in the park, everybody rides on these shuttle buses, they have 3 million visitors a year.TDSC05074

Some folks did some gentle hiking.


All the way up to the Temple of Sinawava (look that one up).


To get out of Zion and back to Kanab, it is a long uphill climb on switchbacks, and through the one mile tunnel. Check out this video as Patti steers and I do the camera. You can hear the A puffing along in 2nd over, it’s a good climb.

When Bob Beaman entered the tunnel, he discovered that his lights were no longer working!!  (exciting times in Zion) Fortunately there was a little help from other cars and he could just make out the yellow line.  When motorhomes are coming through, they cut back to one way traffic, so a bunch of our group had a 20 minute wait while the cars baked in the afternoon heat. Glenn had a touch of vapor lock in the tunnel and treated all the traffic to some exciting popping and banging, but it worked itself out as he gained speed.

All A’s back in tonight, some minor maintenance going on,  speedometer cable needed grease on the little black coupe.


Other minor maintenance, Rich has a broken AC drain (he is not getting much sympathy from the non-AC crowd.  John Jorgensen rearranged his tires for wear and that was about it.  Mexican was the favored food tonight at Escobar’s Mexican Restaurant.  Click on these to make them bigger.



Tomorrow the north rim, big day,  zzzzzzz.