Sunday, September 29, 2019


We are returning to Kanab, UT after lo these many years.   Model A Ford Club of America is hosting a national tour in Kanab.   370 cars are signed up, there will be Model A's everywhere, like locusts.   22 cars are going from our club, 17 A's and 5 moderns.  10 A's are driving, 7 A's are being towed.  This blog will chronicle the adventures of the driving group.  At this point, the A is loaded down with spare parts and tools, and hope to need none of them, the little black coupe is purring like a kitten.

Pat is packing, I am staying out of the way, departure is 8:00AM Thursday from the donut shop in Milpitas.  We are going over Tioga Pass, hope this is not the year that the pass closes early for the winter, forecast right now is okay, overnight low of 15 degrees, sunny and high of 51 degrees, they have already had some snow flurries up there, but none in sight right now.      On the road again,,,,,,,