Wednesday, May 08, 2013


Actually, we have already made one trek to Arizona in April for the Arizona Model T Speedster Run in Pinetop Ariz.   160 miles in Arizona high country, 7 to 9  thousand feet, lot of wide open spaces and wide open throttle.  No, we did not drive the T to AZ, we trailered it there.


Grins all the way, me and young Bob.  TDSC04683

So, what’s on tap next?  June 12-21, we will be leading a Model A tour to Kanab, UT.  We have 15 A’s going and we will tour all the National Parks in Southern Utah and Northern Arizona.  Stay tuned.

In September, we are going to the NW Regional Model A Meet in Bend, OR.  Those are our two long distance treks for the summer, won’t mention the local travels.