Saturday, November 04, 2006

The long long flight

We made it, left Guangzhou at 5:30 am, changed planes in Hong Kong, arrived home at 8:15 am, the next day, we are a little fuzzy.

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Anonymous said...

HORRAY!!! You are back! So glad to see your blog update today! Looks like the twins slept the entire flight....sure they did! Thanks for letting us know. We were wondering. Rest! Chris and Sharon P.

Anonymous said...

Great to see you made it home safely!!You need to get rested up cause we have a lot of miles to put on our A`s so the bats don`t go dead.Do you have children seats for you A??see ya bill r

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS! YOU MADE IT HOME SAFELY! come the babysitting days! Are they going to be coming to SCVC? You know they need a ride in a Model A somewhere, and where else but to a meeting and food!! Lots of hands to hold them while you eat! They are absolutely too cute! I love the pic of them looking over the airplane seats! They seem to have adopted (and adapted ) you all quite easily! So happy with you, Liz Cilker

Chuck & Nora said...

You're going to get withdrawals. After being with the girls so much, your're going to miss holding and being around them. So - are you going to drive over and visit them today? And tomorrow, and the next day - - - ? Isn't it fun being grandparents?

M3 said...

We actually got home before we left thanks to the international date line. This makes it officially the longest day of our lives. ;-)

Thanks again for all of your help. We couldn't have made the trip without you.

Rod & Mary-Mia