Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Lots of tours out there, we are going to do most if not all of these.   In April, busy month, Bakersfield Swap Meet and Tour, then one week Model T hub tour in Buelton, CA.  In May, Model T tour to Fort Hunter Liggett and Mission San Antonio, then Northern California Model A Roundup in Sonoma.  In June, the biggie, we and a half dozen other Model A's will be driving Route 66 to the National Model A Convention in Marquette, MI.  That one will take the whole month of June, hope the price of gas doesn't get any higher.  Those are all the long distance tours, we didn't even mention the local tours.  Should be fun, gotta get the mechanical workings all tuned up.  Stay tuned.


Catherine said...'ll be so close and yet so far! Too bad! Just 12 more short hours and you could bunk in with us for a night...two...or a week! Come!! :o)

Sounds like lots of fun touring headed your way! Looking forward to hearing all about it and following your journeys.

Anonymous said...

Ok, we're ready for our Buelton update!
Have you had any split pea soup yet :)