Sunday, July 01, 2012


South Lake Tahoe, CA to Los Altos Hills, CA, 227 miles. The final push, only took two pictures today. (we are definitely travel weary.) One at the top of Carson Pass where we stopped for an oil check, definitely downhill from here,,,,TDSC03234 and one more at home sweet home!!!!!!!!TDSC03236 Going across the valley, Pat figured out that we were going to be 75 miles short of 7000.  So I said, “maybe we should take a little side trip.”  What do you think she said to that?  Fortunately, I was driving and so I will live to see another day.

Heard from Nicholsons, they, Kafers, and Eldertons are in Wells, NV tonight.  We gave them a restaurant recommendation.   (the only restaurant).

Thanks for following along with us and worrying us home.  When the dust settles, I will do an epilogue, might not be for a day or two.   Goodnite,  Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are.


Anonymous said...

Eric, Jana, Mason, Austin, Rich & I are in Jacksonville, Illinois. Only about 350 miles today because we spent time in St Joseph, Michigan so we could wade in Lake Michigan. As for home, what is that?


Unknown said...

Welcome back! Thank you so much for your entertaining and informative blog. See you Tuesday night.

Anonymous said...

Welcome home!
Put your feet up and relax a while.
Fun to follow your travels and adventures on the blog. You guys always manage to find some interesting stops and characters along the way when you tour in the audel-mae.


Anonymous said...

Happy your home safe.

Troed and Noreen.

Anonymous said...

Welcome home! i sure enjoyed reading your blog daily! thanks for sharing your journey with us.

Anonymous said...

Home at last. Home at last. Thank goodness, you're home at last.


Anonymous said...

I guess this wouldn't be a good time to mention to Patti that "surprise-tour" you are going to take to Florida next week in the Model A?
Welcome home!
Bob & Mary