Friday, June 30, 2006

A flurry of activity

I left yesterday morning for Turlock (100 miles) at 5:00am. Adam Reed graciously supplied me with a freshly ground crankshaft to fit the existing babbitt bearings, a crankshaft with the stock oil slinger as Henry shipped it from the factory. Made it home by 3:00pm and by last night at 9:00pm, I had the block reassembled, even though a little bleary eyed.

And today, the Model A SWAT team moved in and swarmed the reinstallation. All I did was hand them tools and parts. Fired it up at 10:00am and not a drop of oil anywhere after running for an hour. A new 60 amp alternator is ordered and should be here Monday. Maybe,,,, just maybe,,,, we are getting back on schedule,,, and maybe,,,, just maybe,,,, this whole thing is really going to happen.

I am greatly indebted to (from left to right) Al, Rich, Larry, Bob, Dave and Bob.. (And Dave is leaving for MA in his Model A tomorrow morning!!!) Thanks guys..... bob m


M3 said...

That is so cool!!!! What great friends - and they're all smiling too. Great guys!

Hey, I think you're going to end up with an extra day or two. Wow. What are you going to do with all that free time? *grin*

TubaDad said...

Is that group called the "A Team"? Looks like just the bunch of guys you need when an emergency like this happens!


Anonymous said...

To m3(mary-mia):
Those are grimaces, not smiles.

Anonymous said...

What a great bunch of guys Thank you Dave for holding on to that T shirt.

ncamicia said...

We're wishing you the best of luck and will have the map handy to follow your exploits. If you need anything before you shove off please give us a call. Mike & Nadine

Anonymous said...

Great job guys!!!
Looks like that group has put a little good karma in the bank for the long drive across the country.