Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I found them!

cellphoneAfter 2 days without an update (and several emails from you guys) I finally tracked the folks down and got a quick cell phone update. Whew! Here's the scoop:

They're barreling south on Route 89 in Wyoming on the way to Logan Utah right this very minute. They're in good spirits and still enjoying themselves.

All the cars are still going (YES!!!). They're sorry they couldn't update but they couldn't get even a hint of a computer connection for the last 2 days. (I guess most people don't go to Yellowstone for it's technology, heehee.)

They stayed at West Yellowstone last night and Cody Wyoming the night before. Yellowstone was GREAT! (I asked if they saw Old Faithful and my dad said "You bet!" - can't you just hear him saying that?)

Right now they said they're driving through the prettiest little valley called Salt River Valley. And they just stopped at a tiny gas station/antiques store and met the owner who up and moved there from Boston with her husband. Dad says he can see why, it's so neat.

They said they drove through Jackson Hole Wyoming in the pouring rain and it was a "really pretty, really nice place."

Logistics-wise, they're ahead of pack right now since they left so early because of the slow car problem. The other 5 cars are behind them somewhere (Guzzettas, Hazletons, Fontaines, Bill Rose, and Jack and Don) and should be lapping them soon. (I'm guessing an icecream stop will be in the cards when the group gets back together.)

Also, about 1-2 days behind them are the rest of cars (Jones, Lancaster, Kafer), who will spend a day in Yellowstone and probably won't catch up before they get home.

Mom says she's ready to be home... *grin*


Anonymous said...

We're glad to hear that you are all healthy and still going strong. I wondered if someone might have taken a wrong turn in Yellowstone. We're missing the daily reports and pictures. Good luck on the rest of your trip.
Will Ed and Linda in Texas.

Anonymous said...

I was beginning to wonder if the A's had been flattened by a herd of buffalo in Yellowstone. Now I remember that even cell phone coverage was spotty there. Good luck the rest of the way home.

Rodg said...

MaryMia, thanks for passing along their location and details. Thought they might have parked too close to a thermal pot in Yellowstone or tried to cool the car by attempting to ford the Madison River!

Great to hear that they are moving ahead and that ice cream is only a stop away!

Ciao, Rodg & Norene

Anonymous said...

I was so good to see the latest post. It is close to the finish line for you. This was a trip for the club to remember because of this blog. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Day 25~~~
Highway Sixteen leaving Gillette was a lonely ribbon of road. The only company was the roadkill, and the country was dry and unremarkable. We stopped in Buffalo for gas, since Bob H needs to keep his tank on the top side of full…no fuel pump. We’ve been having transitory experiences with vapor lock, and Bob M’s fuel line looks like a piece of modern art, decorated with tin foil. Bob and Patti rode out ahead all day with Bill ( I’m going for coffee and I’ll be right back…that Bill). Hit Sheridan, WY and topped off the gas tanks again…and guess who we saw with his street rod crew? Bill Perry from All Ford! Small world.
The day got serious as we began the ascent of the Big Horn Range. In second gear. For fifteen grueling miles. I think we climbed over 8000 feet or more, and our little yellow pickup was panting hard at the top when we came to a stop at Shell Falls. Immediately ten guys surrounded our three A’s, and someone advised Ray that the forward scouting party was only ten or fifteen minutes ahead. We coasted into Greybull and fought fierce headwinds nearly all the way in to Cody. Never did catch up to the scouts.
Went to the Cody museum, ate at Granny’s diner, and then had a party outside the motel rooms until 9:30 PM. Yellowstone tomorrow. Home someday.
This won’t go out on Sunday evening…no internet connections here in the Wild West. No cell phone service, either. Just tumbleweeds and jack rabbits.
A Band of A’s
John & Judy, Bob & Shirley, Ray & Linda, Bob & Patti, Jack & Don, and I’m just goin’ for coffee, be right back Bill

Pat said...

Thanks to the Ghost Blogger, Mary Mia for finding us. You know a mother can never hide from her children.

Chuck & Nora said...

Hi everyone!

We'd say we wish we were there, but the "in the 80 degree range" temperature figures here, are kind of nice. As others have said, last week was hot here. Our house was "Green Acres" from Saturday to Monday a week ago, due to a power outage in our area (one of over 600 AREAS in San Jose, per PG&E). We were fortunate in that we have a generator in the motorhome. We ran an A/C unit, refrigerator, coffee pot, and a couple of fans, during most of the day; at night we plugged in only the fans and refrigerator. Unplug this, plug in that - like I said, we were "Green Acres". On top of that, Cyndi + four were here from Denver, sharing our heat, high humidity, and no power. ALL the local stores were out of ice for days. Our ice cream was half melted! Yuk. Disaster. No ice cream. No decent Model A-er is ever without ice cream!

Glad you're able to sniff out the ice cream stores each day; true Model A-ers! Keep up the tradition.

Love reading your entries.

Nora and Chuck

Anonymous said...

OOps, sorry for the double post...

Day 26
Buffalo Bill Cody is big out here, but wireless configurations just don’t connect, and cell phone service is poor. This stale message reaches you a day late, and a dollar short. We left Cody this morning, waving to all the friendly biker friends we made. I know Killer and Mongrel will miss us the most. Our motel even had a big box of complimentary rags for the bikers to clean their HOGS.
Our drive was very light on mileage, since we wanted to spend most of the day sightseeing in Yellowstone. The only delay we had was heavy road construction going into the East entrance of the park…we cooled our heels for about 20 or 30 minutes before a point car led us for about 15 miles over rocky road at 20 mph. Funny traffic sign in the park: “Rough Break Ahead”…I told Judy “that’s our new caption for this trip”. The country gradually transformed to an alpine ecosystem, over 7000 feet. And we knew we had arrived when traffic suddenly stopped in both directions to allow a very old male bison to trot down the road . He was all alone and in pretty sad health…every driver gave way to the old bull.
We were separated from the others by traffic and time, but we all got around to seeing Old Faithful and some geysers and paint pots. Ray found a buffalo pie that was fairly dry…he packed it up for the ride home…don’t ask. It threatened to rain most of the day, but didn’t, afterall. Maybe tonight. Shirley likes the new A/C. Bless her heart, she does like to rub it in…
We are still having the experience of a lifetime, but now, when strangers ask, I tell them it’s a ONCE in a lifetime adventure, and repeating it would be an act of abject stupidity.
John & Judy and the usual suspects
Cody, WY