Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Last day's route

On Thursday, we will be on the home stretch via I80, US 95, US 50, US 395, NV 88, CA88, to Jack Tone Rd, to 120 to 580 to 84 thru Livermore, to 680 and HOME!!!!!!

Bob Beaman is going to meet us somewhere, maybe Carson Pass, come on down (or up), it will be good to see a friendly face, we should be in cell contact all day.

Pass it on. bob m


Rodg said...

4:08AM!!!! Looks like you all are stuck on Eastern Time!

Enjoy your drive in famliar territory.

Rodg & Norene

Bob & Mary B said...

Will try to meet you at Silver Lake on Carson Pass.(Hiway 88)If I'm not there, keep going,'ll pass me SOMEWHERE.I don't think there's cell phone coverage over the Pass. I'm leaving Milpitas Donut Shop at 6:00am SHARP. Anyone that would like to join in, be at Donut Shop before 6 am.
-Bob B.

Bob & Mary B said...

Hi All,
Wish I could come along with Bob tomorrow, but some of us still have to work. . . . . . . .
Bet you will be glad to get home and we know Tippy will be glad to see Bob & Pat.
Have a safe fun day and we will see you all soon.
Mary B

M3 said...

Have a great last day guys! I wonder if you'll even stop for icecream tomorrow?

See everyone back in good ole CA.

Anonymous said...

No Rodg, it's unforgiving time! I can't wait to just sleep in 'til 7 and in my OWN bed!

Bob & Mary B said...

Hi Patti,Bob and gang,
Those weren't hawks on hiway 30... THOSE WERE VULTURES! Thank goodness they didn't catch you on a slow hill! We'll try to meet up at Silver Lake in Sierras on Carson Pass. Once again, probably no cell contact, so if you don't see me, keep going. I won't hold a grudge(unless you DO see me and keep going.) Channel 5 on CB.
Be Safe,
Bob B.