Tuesday, May 15, 2012


(With pictures this time)   Click on any picture to see a bigger version.


Follow that Chrysler, those T’s have no problem keeping up.


Pit stop here.    Oops, Chevy man, we need a Chevy man.


Mighty pretty back country.

TDSC02221 TDSC02217

Wm Randolph Hearst’s Ranch House. With a few antique cars in front.

TDSC02203 hunterliggett%20(20)

After a hard days drive,,,,,, A little patio party,,,,,,,

hunterliggett%20(28) TDSC02196

And a tri-tip dinner.  Okay, which way is the mission?


The best preserved mission in California,  the complete quadrangle is intact.

TDSC02229 TDSC02230

Beautiful interior courtyard,,,,, and also the chapel.

It was a great trip, we did all make it home under our own power, but not without a few trials and tribulations.

TDSC02213 TDSC02235

Jim’s T required a few gallons of transfusion now and then. That doesn’t sound good, anybody have a head gasket?

TDSC02237 TDSC02236

oh, oh, wasn’t the head gasket, getting in deeper and deeper,,,, What a place to take the car apart, think they will ever get it running?

We did get it running and all’s well that ends well, and you know what, we had a lot of fun.


Just had to throw in this picture of the two red trucks.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking us along with you. Really looked like a fun tour. Sorry you didn't have the Beaman's to breakdown too!! You needed a little more time on the side of the road! I want one of the little horses too! Patti too bad we couldn't share one. Hope to talk to you soon.

Mary & Bob B

Catherine said...

What fun! I'm guessing when one of your cars goes down there's no option to call AAA! ;o)

LOL...gotta love where you chose to set up your snacks! I've seen a similar set up on M3's counter after we've spent a day with the 3 energizer bunnies! :o)

Glad you had such a great trip! What fun you have!!