Saturday, May 12, 2012


The Model T Club is off on a tour to William Randolph Hearst’s ranch home which is on Fort Hunter Liggett Military Reservation.  We have 6 T’s, one A, one 192? Chevy, one 39 Buick, one 53 Ford truck and one modern.  Unfortunately, yours truly forgot his camera cord, so these will be pictureless posts.  Pictures will be added when we get home.

It is a pretty good drive to get all the way down to Hunter Liggett by backroads.  It took a few stops, at Gilroy, Tiffany Ford for us, Tres Pinos, and King City.  We had a couple difficulties to entertain us.  The Chevy stopped somewhere out there by the Pinnacles, seemed to have a little vacuum tank problem, handily fixed by Troed, our resident Chevy man.

And then there was THE HILL, the same hill that Dan Smith stalled out on the last HL tour.  And suddenly the temperature was 96 degrees.   Bill Bratt’s depot hack overheated and stopped halfway up,  Troed overheated a little and added water, and Jim Boyden discovered that he only had 2 gallons for a 5 gallon hill, and had to pour his emergency gas can in.

All 22 of us walked down to the base café for a tri-tip dinner.  On the way back Troed and Noreen got stopped by the base police for not walking on the sidewalk.   I think that was a bored policeman.  When we got back, Bill had a flat tire on the hack, so the spare is now on.  Finished off the night in the Hacienda bar, it is rumored that Becky sang carioca after we left. (too soon, obviously)  Sorry this is so dull without pictures, later for them.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mothers. We enjoyed the post, but, you know, if you stop by a Radio Shack, they'll sell you a connection cord for about $5. Then again, when you travel with the "T Folks" you may be labeled extravagant for spending so much money.
-Bob & Mary