Friday, June 01, 2012


This 6000 mile Model A tour has been in the works for at least a year.  Made all kinds of preparations, made reservations, even put a fresh engine into the little black coupe.  Well, deja vu, remember back in 2006 when we made a last minute engine change before the Boston trip?  The engine gremlin has struck again.  Last weekend we went on a shakedown tour to the Sonora Model A Roundup.  When we got home, this is what I found when I lifted the hood.DSC02294A three inch crack in the water jacket.  AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

We sat and thought about it for a day, and then decided maybe, just maybe, there was time take the other fresh engine back out of Pat’s roadster pickup and put it in the coupe.  TDSC02292

Two days, start to finish.  And we have one day to spare and work out any bugs.  Hey, we may not finish this trip, but we sure as hell are going to start it.  Departing Walmart on Monterrey Road at 7:30 on Sat, June 2.  Luck, be a lady tonight.  D


Anonymous said...

We'll be tracking your blog. I'll come as far as Bakersfield to bring you any repair items needed. From there on, well, you know the story. Good Luck to you and all the others. Remember, Bakersfield is the limit.
-Bob & Mary

Anonymous said...

We will be with you in spirit. It sounds as if it will be a really fun trip, but then, all your Ford trips are fun!
Linda and Will Ed

Catherine said...

Wow! That's quite a feat just days before your big trip. Praying all goes well from here.

Safe travels friends. We'll happily follow along....and be waiting for you at home when you return! WHEEE!!!

Unknown said...

No problem....lady luck will be with you, and we'll be there in spirit to boost you guys along. Remember Canada? and you made it from there, so this is easy peasy.
Looking forward to all the daily happenings along the way with your blog.
God speed,
John and Judy

TubaDad said...
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TubaDad said...

How far did you make it with that bag of chocolate we dropped off last night? I say end of the driveway. :-)