Monday, October 17, 2016


October 15, 2016:  Rained a lot during the night and Saturday morning, we had one very reluctant Model A.  Just would not go. Had spark, had gas, had compression, swapped parts, just not happy. Puzzled looks all around.
  We finally decided that it just needed to rest, left it and went on to Travis AFB.  This is where we finally crossed off the planes part of the tour.  Even though we have been talking to the folks at the Travis Heritage Center since August, and confirmed two days ago, they never heard of us at the Visitor Center where they were supposed to have visitor badges ready for us.  They informed us that we could still go to the Center but we would have to fill out a form and they would do a background check on the spot.  45 minutes later, 4 folks had been partially checked in.  The handwriting on the wall was clear, this was not feasible.  We took a show of hands and abandoned the effort and proceeded on to our next destination, the Western Railway Museum.  We will investigate this SNAFU later.
At the Railway Museum, they were running these cars that used to run on the Oakland Bay Bridge.

The train took us to a pumpkin patch, with pumpkin pie, bluegrass music and pumpkin chuckin.


So now that our itinerary has gone to hell and we are winging it,  where we going for lunch?   I phones were consulted, and we decided on the Point Restaurant in Rio Vista, and this turned out to be a great choice.  Long table by the window, river view, and more food than we could eat. 

So, despite our lack of planes to look at, I think everybody had fun, the weather wasn't too bad, only one car went home on the big yellow truck, the reluctant A finally started when they went back for it, and drove on home just fine.  And I may take a job as a rainmaker.

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