Thursday, August 10, 2017


Departing on Aug 17 for Cascade, Idaho with at least 7 Model A's and a couple of moderns and one RV.  We will view from a mountain top north of Boise, hosted by David Van't Hof at his cabin.  The hoopla seems to get bigger every day, with tens of thousands of people expected in this little town of 900 people.   Farmers are renting out fields for RV's, motel prices have gone throught the roof, grocery stores will probably sell out, highway patrol is expecting jammed highways, who knows what to expect?  We made our hotel reservations a year ago, before they realized they could quadruple the rate and still have a full house.

Anyway, the A is packed (with A stuff) and Patti is working on the people stuff and we will be away next Wednesday.

And after the eclipse, it will be wandering Model A's all over the Northwest with our northern most destination being Victoria, BC.        Stay tuned,,,,,,,,,,,,    

Update:   The A is packed (stuffed) and we are ready to go, Maybe we should leave tomorrow, before anything else appears.



M3 said...

Hooray! Can't wait to hear about your adventure.

Unknown said...

Awesome. On the road again!
We were without phones all day(getting a new one for Jane to accommodate all her photos 😀) will call u guys tomorrow.

Shirley Hazleton said...

Great pictures Crazy weather Glad everyone is Ok
Looking forward to read about day 2 SWEET DREAMS