Sunday, April 22, 2012


The Orange County Model T Club is putting on a week-long hub tour in Buellton, CA, home of Andersens split pea soup.  Our local club has brought 18 members with 10 Model T’s.  We have 6 trailers containing 8 cars and 2 hardy souls drove down. (about 250 miles)  We left San Jose at 8:30, at 10:30 Mark Edwards (driving his speedster) puffed black smoke from one of his brakes and had to make a roadside adjustment.  After lunch in Paso Robles, our caravan stopped at Pete and Marilyn Pedroni’s house in San Luis Obispo for cookies and a tour of Pete’s garage.  The neighbors sure wondered what was going on when all these trucks and trailers filled up the cul de sac.  Pete is a talented guy with a welder and makes all kind of sculptures out of cast-off hunks of iron.  TDSC01887Group picture at Pedroni’s.

TDSC01894Just one of several inside metal sculptures, can you tell what it is made out of?

TDSC01897This is Pete’s outside cactus made of horseshoes complete with old horseshoe nails for spines.

Anyway, onward to Buellton, where we arrived just in time for the ice cream social in the local RV park.

TDSC01909A few model T’s showed up, I think there are more than 50 on the tour.

TDSC01913Homemade cake and ice cream turned out to be appetizers for us, because then we went to Andersens and had split pea soup.

TDSC01922Did you know you can order unlimited split pea soup at Andersens?

  Returned to the motel and were happy to see that the Archer’s Model T bus had arrived. Took all day on back roads from Hayward. It was a long day but we are ready for the 130 mile tour tomorrow in our Model T’s.  


Anonymous said...

I think some one may have overdone it on the split pea soup!!
I like the yard art, I might need to make a cactus out of old bicycle sprockets.


Anonymous said...

Such a motley crew!! Wish we were along for the ride. Looks like BobM. won't be asking for split pea soup for awhile.
-Bob & Mary B.

Anonymous said...

Looks like great weather. The high in DC today was 48 degrees, that after four inches of rain yesterday.


Catherine said...

What fun! sure do like your Split Pea Soup! :o)

Have a great trip!!