Thursday, April 26, 2012


Today was a free day, the Model T’s scattered to the winds.  Some went to Los Olivos, some to Solvang, some to Santa Ynez, some to Lompoc and some to all of the above.  We started with Solvang. (click on any picture for a larger version.)

TDSC02026 I found an aebleskiver.

TDSC02027 Pat found Model T fabric.

TDSC02034 Did a little maintenance, low band was getting a little low.


When it started to rain, we folded, creased, sticky tabbed, stamped, labeled and mailed the Backfire.

This afternoon, the group went to the Mendenhall Museum, a private collection here in Buellton.  This is an amazing collection, check it out at:

TDSC02038 What is behind this door in a Buellton alley will blow the old car drivers mind.



Want to see more? 

Finished the day with a pretty good rain, looking for sun tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Looks like another fun day. Good job finding aebleskiver, yum.
What's going on with the orange coveralls? Looks like a prisoner got loose and is working on the Model T :)


Anonymous said...

We t to all the towns you mentioned when Lynn & I did the Santa Barbara bike tour. Really pretty country.
Speaking of rain, I think when DC needs rain, April & Randy invite me to visit.


Catherine said...

LOL! Bobby's comment about the coveralls made me laugh!!

Mmm...Have never heard of an aebleskiver but am now pretty sure I 'need' one! :o)

Hope today is bright and sunny for you!

Anonymous said...

You're going to gain a few pounds, Bob. Don't be surprised when your gas-mileage in the "T" goes down! The easiest way to improve your mileage is to get Patti to ride in someone else's car. Then you can eat more aebleskivers!
(...just a helpful hint)
-B.B. & M.B.