Monday, April 23, 2012


We covered the ground today, backroads all the way up to Pismo Beach and back, about 160 miles.  Little misty here and there, lots and lots of yellow mustard covering


the green hills, hard to get a picture of it while moving.

TDSC01934  At the coffee break, we asked what is the significance of the bunny on the Jorgensen speedster?  Well, no one was talking. TDSC01945 Gas stop in Guadalupe, are we suddenly in Mexico?


At Pismo, we followed Peder out onto the sand, at least I think that is Peder ahead of us.  Then Peder disappeared, and we didn’t see him again for a couple hours.  Turns out he drove about as far as you could go down the beach.  Methinks you have to keep an eye on the tide.


Part of the rest of the crew behind us.

 TDSC01948 I think we should frame this one.

TDSC01953 The tour bus on the beach.  Notice the rear wheel sunk in the sand.  Took 6 people pushing mightily to get her back on the solid stuff.

TDSC01952 Allan also needed a little help, those skinny tires really like to sink in.

TDSC01956 Lunch at the Rock and Roll Cafe, in a bonafide dining car.

TDSC01957 Bob and his new friend, Betty Boop.

TDSC01964 Dollar sundaes at McDonalds which now cost $1.39.  You knew we would find ice cream, didn’t you?

TDSC01973 Oops, we had a little parking lot seminar on changing a head gasket tonight.

All in all, a packed day, lots of fun, supposed to rain tomorrow but what does the weatherman know.


Anonymous said...

I think you should frame that one, too!

Great pics, fun day!

Jane :-)

Anonymous said...

Love the Pismo beach photos.
Something about the T's on the beach comes out really cool in photos!

Glad you got some ice cream too.


Anonymous said...

If I knew you were going to be doing all this repair work on the trip, I would have sent my car along for a few needed repairs!
Love the beach photos- now we know why dune buggys have fat tires.
-Bob & Mary B.

Catherine said...

Wela looks like she just stepped out of the movie, 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!'