Saturday, July 12, 2014


Leisurely departure from home at 8:45, dropped the dog off at 9:10, got a parking ticket while dropping the dog off at 9:15, met the traveling group at 9:45 at the Coyote exit on 101.


And off we went in our caravan of four.  Meneelys, Fontaines, Bratts and Ernie and Mike Roeder.  Not much happens when you are cruising down I5, except maybe you start to count things.   Here is what we counted. tn_DSC07054

We noticed tomato trucks heading north on I5, so we counted them.   By the time we started up the Grapevine, we had counted 267 of these double trailer tomato trucks.  They were coming out of all the various side roads all the way down to the Grapevine.  Somewhere up there in northern California, there is one hell of a pile of tomatoes to process.  Lunch at Harris Ranch.

  At a rest stop on I5, we spied another Model T.  Bob and Mary Jane from Motherlode T’s going to San Diego also.



312 miles for the day, that’s enough on the broken pavement of I5!!!!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good trip! Good traveling companions! Too bad it had to start with a parking ticket! We,re at Gilmore car museum today and then on to auburn and Indianapolis .
Bob and Mary B.

Anonymous said...

Have fun and keep us posted


Anonymous said...

Bob and I decided to start counting things too! We are counting corn fields and so far are at 1 (the state is one large corn field!). Will see if we find any more tomorrow!
Loved Gilmore and the Auburn, Duesenberg & Cord museum in Auburn, IN. What a place.
Safe travels
Mary B

Anonymous said...

Started the tour with a parking ticket? Well I guess that is the only kind of ticket you can get in a Model A. We know it was not speeding! :)

Be safe! I will be following you, at least online.