Friday, July 18, 2014


Our final day, 60 miles.  Today we went over the Coronado Bridge, what a structure!!   tn_DSC07252     Felt like we were in an airplane looking down at the Harbor.tn_DSC07238 Poked around in a tidepool,,,, those rocks were covered with oysters.  Tried to get someone to build a fire for fried oysters, but,,,,,,   no luck.tn_DSC07243  Did find a trophy, however.  It was caught in an oyster and that oyster really did not want to open up and let it go.  Peder gave it a little whack and we got it loose. It was an old fishing lure.tn_DSC07246 Isn’t it amazing the things that amaze old people in old cars????    Hey, look, the saltworks are still alive and well in San Diego.tn_DSC07248

   Lunch on the marina green,,,,,tn_DSC07249  And then back through downtown San Diego for the final time,,,,,tn_DSC07254   One last ice cream stop,,,,tn_DSC07257   And our weary band of travelers have put the T’s asleep for the trek home.  All our T’s alive and well, surviving the hills, redlights, stop signs, launching pad dipsidoos and (at times) insane traffic of San Diego.  tn_DSC07258  Finished off with the obligatory final banquet, these ladies were quite fashionable for the occasion.DSC07260   Our gang from Santa Clara is at the two foreground tables. DSC07263    And so tomorrow at oh dark thirty, we head for home.    Goodnite, Mrs. Calabash, where ever you are…   (You realize young folks have never heard anyone say that?    If you have heard it, you definitely qualify for a senior discount.)


Catherine said...

Another great tour under your belts! Thanks for taking us along!

Hmm, who is 'Mrs. Calabash'? Guess I need to keep working at least for a few more years but retirement is within my grasp. Woot!

Safe travels home friends. Missing you this year!

Jane said...

You all know how to have fun! Really nice to follow along and glad it was such a wonderful trip. Safe travels home.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Glad your trip went well! Have a safe trip home. We,re at pioneer village right now.
Mr. And Mrs Calabash