Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Attack of the Giant Spiders or,,,,,


This morning, our cars were covered with cobwebs (some more than others) and one giant spider.   Except for one car, and that was Ernies.  This was very suspicious and one might jump to the conclusion that Ernie was the culprit.  But we astute thinker types decided that it was obviously a frame job, and the true culprit was yet to be found. Meneely’s car seemed to be especially hard hit and that’s were the giant spider was found. tn_DSC07159

tn_DSC07162 tn_DSC07160

Hmmmm, minimal webs on these two,  verrry interestink,,,,,,,


And off we went to the Midway Aircraft Carrier Museum in downtown San Diego.  And since we were going shipboard today, it was declared to be Hawaiian Day.  So a flowered shirt to wear or be labeled as a square. And add a hat or two to match the ocean blue,,,, (Sorry, Becky!!) tn_DSC07173

Oooooooh, that is a big ship!!!tn_DSC07176

The group scattered to the winds once aboard, lots to see.tn_DSC07182 tn_DSC07183

tn_DSC07188 tn_DSC07187 tn_DSC07189 tn_DSC07190 tn_DSC07186

After lunch on the fantail, we bid the Midway adieu,,,,,tn_DSC07192

And headed on to,,,,,,


Great for the guys, through that doorway on a dead run, but you know what the ladies did? 


Yup, you guessed it, sat in the shade of a Mach 3 SR-71 Blackbird.  Boy, did they miss it.   Today, 24 miles,  took all day,  and everybody pooped.  

Okay, miscellaneous,,,,,,, how do you like Bill’s hidden toolbox?


And we don’t have these in our area of the woods,,,,,tn_DSC07204

Nite all,,,,,,,


Anonymous said...

Those pix of the ship reminds me of why I don,t miss my old navy days too much! Have a good time. Bob and Mary

Anonymous said...

Looks like you are all having a fun time. I keep forgetting to check in on you to see how you are doing. Keep the pictures coming. Marlayna

Unknown said...

Looks like another wonderful touring day for all. Thanks for all the great pictures. Tour carefully... Judy and john