Tuesday, July 15, 2014


The total mileage was less today, just 44 miles, but it took all day.  And Maria designated today as Western Day, so we all trotted out our horsey clothes, some a little more horsey than others. tn_DSC07125 First stop was Old Town San Diego. tn_DSC07142 Great mix of old Victorians and Spanish style structures. Visited the Mormon Battalion Museum, and Bill became a Mormon Battalion Volunteer. (If you never heard of the Mormon Battalion, like me, look it up, very interesting.)tn_DSC07132

Great Mexican lunch,,,,,tn_DSC07140 After lunch, we drove up to the Mt. Soledad War Memorial for fallen veterans.  tn_DSC07145 Then a visit to Point Loma Lighthouse, forgot to take any pictures, the vistas were so vast, I forgot to even take the camera out. Finished the day off at a BBQ hosted by Ernie Roeder’s daughter, Cindy, and her husband, Jim, who live here in San Diego.  We had a little toast, “Here’s to you, Lucy”.  You Model T folks know who we mean, don’t you? tn_DSC07152 

We even had a little song fest. Ed played his guitar and we sang along.  So we only covered 44 miles, but we sure covered a lot of bases today.  And tomorrow, we all become swabbies.

  And by the way, Troed, THE SNAKE LIVES!!!!!!tn_DSC07122


Anonymous said...

What!!!! No prize today. What a letdown!!! You guys look like you are all having a great time. We feel like we are there with you. Have fun on the Midway, and watch out for those ladder stairs. L & A

Unknown said...

You guys are having way too much. Fun!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you are having lots of fun! Wish we were there. Bob and I are having a glass of wine after touring Tom Sawyers cave in Hannibal, MO and just did a toast to Lucy too!! "Clink"
Mary & Bob B.

Unknown said...

Hope all the T's are going, going, going. Looks like it! Thanks for the pictures, looks like a good one--Hi to Ray And Linda , pat & Bill.