Tuesday, February 19, 2019


Day 5, Feb. 19 Old Bisbee, 75 miles.  Things started out today with a fine new white coat at 31 degrees!

Do you know how hard it is to start a T in cold snowy weather, after the battery is exhausted?

Fortunately, I had moral support.....

Finally got it going and headed out,  still more snow falling,  wishing for that windshield wiper that I never installed.....

Amazing, snow can find the tiniest hole in the side curtains and provide a little interior snowstorm to put up with.  Arrived in Bisbee, a little chilled and headed for the Queen Mine Tour.  Queen Mine is a retired underground hardrock copper mine, that is now a tourist attraction. 

Pretty soon we were properly outfitted with orange vests, hard hats and miners lamps. 

So we ride this little narrow gauge train with a string of mancars into the mine through these narrow little tunnels.

Our tour guide started working in this mine in 1956,,,,,  do the math on that one.

Really interesting.   After we came out we spotted these three cars on display.   Take a close look at the center one.   It really is what you think it is.

Spent the rest of the afternoon, as appeasement to the ladies, prowling the antique shops.   Now there was only one purchase of any significance as far as I am concerned.

What would life be without pie ala mode???? On our return trip to Sierra Vista we had blue sky and sunshine. But weather forecast for tonight is two inches of snow!


Anonymous said...

I think you need a heater in the T

Catherine said...

Brrr!! Cannot imagine how chilly your drive in the T must have been at 31o!! What a great day with the mine tour and ending up with pie a-la-mode. Mmm...think I'd choose that over antique shopping too! (shhh....don't tell Wela! ;) )

Fun following your journey again!