Thursday, February 21, 2019


Day 7,  February 21, 156 miles (by Bronco) to Tubac.   Cold and windy all day, occasionally spitting rain.  I think only 3 T's made the tour, everyone else took their modern vehicle.  It was nice to be toasty warm for a change.  On the way out of town, saw this encouraging sign.

 Lowering clouds, few spots of sunlight occasionally highlighted the hills.

Stopped in a little town called Patagonia for hot chocolate and pastries,  small town cafes are always best.

The mug of hot chocolate was a work of art.

We were asking ourselves, where do the people work way out here in the middle of nowhere?   Then we saw this lot full of border patrol vehicles which answered the question.

Could not resist dropping down into Nogales and catching a glimpse of the border.   They have a serious fence there with a couple border patrol cars parked right there.   Look at the razor wire on the top.  Click on the photo for a larger version to look at.

 On a more historical note, stopped at Tumacacori National Monument,  first started in 1691.  The mission building dates from about 1800.  Cold wind a blowin'.

Furthest destination for the day, Tubac.   Kind of an artists colony alongside I19.    Lots of shops and art galleries.  We loved the whirligigs but they were a little pricey so we just enjoyed all the art but did not buy any.

So, that was the day,  but here are a couple signs, could not resist snapping a photo.

This evening, we are under major storm warning for snow.  Tomorrows tour is not going to happen, and the final banquet has already been cancelled and a bunch of the T's have fled.  We will probably head for home tomorrow morning if the roads are open.   That's life, always the unexpected.  

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