Sunday, February 17, 2019


Day 1: 476 miles.

On the road again in 2019, packed, stashed and ready.

Left for AZ at 6:47AM, spitting rain, forecast not all that great.   Little tire trouble right off the bat. , Ray needed to check a tire at Santa Nella, was 37psi when he started to add air, pretty soon was 30 then 22.   Finally got it aired up at the second service station he tried.   And being our day for tires, I blew a trailer tire on I5.  Fortunately, we were between rain showers and there was a nice wide spot to get off.

But,,,, I used the ramp jack that I bought last year, and we were back on the road in 13 minutes!!!!  I don't remember who told me about that, but it is a lifesaver.    13 minutes from pulling off, we were on  the road again.

We decided to forego the Grapevine, high wind advisory, trailers and campers not recommended.  Instead, opted for cajon pass on I15.   It had its own stuff to throw at us,  big headwind, could not hold 50mph, and then horizontal rain whistling up the pass.

We finally arrived in Indio at 7PM, long day of weather, detours, and tires.

Day 2:  265 miles, blue skies, and a tailwind.  so good to get into AZ and have a 75mph speed limit, even for us pulling a trailer.  Ended the day at Bob and Janes house.  Notice the tee shirt.

Day3:  178 miles.  More blue sky, and more tailwind.   Got into Sierra Vista early and unloaded.  It is a little nippy, 44 degrees, but look at that blue sky.   Forecast, possible snow showers tomorrow, sure hope that is wrong.

Checked in, Pat is ready to tour, new hat.

Tonight was welcome party,,,,,,,

Enchiladas and western music,,,,

Tomorrow, the official tour begins.


Anonymous said...

Glad you finally made it. Thanks for the update....Allan & Lucy

Unknown said...

Off gallivanting again, Hi to R & L...J & J