Tuesday, March 22, 2011


At last, a sunrise, blue sky, even though there are lingering clouds hTDSC04114anging on the mountains all around.   Snow on the mountains all around down to about the 5000 ft level.  

Tour today was to the south part of the valley.  And you guessed it, the ever present wind was out of the south and blowing good.  Slowed the A’s down a bit whenever a good gust came along. 

Here is what we saw today, and I will throw a bunch of pictures and some videos in at the end of the text.  In order, Badwater, Natural Bridge, Devils Golf Course, Lunch, Zabriskie Point, 20 Mule Team Canyon, and the Harmony Borax works.

The mechanical problem of the day was Glenn Wildmans car, lost power, and started pushing water out the overflow.  It was determined that #4 cylinder was not making power, so a parking lot seminar on head gaskets was scheduled and almost everyone showed up for it, the men that is. Imagine our surprise when we pulled the head and the gasket was intact.  Turns out the #4 exhaust valve was stuck open, with a capital O.  Past experience indicates that a tap with the hammer and a little Marvel Mystery oil usually solves the problem.  No dice, stuck incredibly tight.  Finally necessitated taking the side plate off, removing the valve keepers and springs, and wrestling for about 45 minutes to get the valve out.  Now we did not have a valve spring lifter tool and this engine has Chevrolet valves (bad bad bad engine!!!)   Do you know how high you have to lift the spring to get them damn little Chevrolet keepers out?   Finally worked the valve and the guide over with our limited tool resources, invented a valve spring tool, and got the blasted thing back in.  Total elapsed time from start to finish was 3 1/2 hours, and finished with flashlights and starlight.  








Snow all around this morning.                         At Badwater looking at Telescope Peak

Here is a little video at Badwater:   http://www.flickr.com/photos/rmnly/5550058110/ 








Trekking up to the Natural Bridge.                These hardy folks made it up the canyon.











Oh waa, taa goo, siam.                    Buckaroo and Abby waiting patiently.









The devil’s golf course is luring you.             Lots of hands available.




6 hands required to put those dang Chevy keepers in.




And one more video in 20 Mule Team Canyon.  http://www.flickr.com/photos/rmnly/5549449231/

Patti is at the front of the pack, driving the A, I am riding on Beamans running board.



Anonymous said...

WOW sun!! that sounds great. Looks like the a bueatiful place. Sorry to hear about Glen's issue. But there is a lot of ingenutity in that group. Have fun today. We arelooking forward every day to the updates.

Will & Karla

Anonymous said...

We are impressed that you can do the daily updates, take videos, and get the Backfire out. You must be Superman & Lois Lane. We look forward to each morning seeing what the group has experienced. Keep up the good work,

L & AG

Camicia said...

So...did you guys have all those blocks of wood pre-cut and just sitting in trunk for such an occasion? I've been sharing the mechanical antics with my class!


M3 said...

What do you mean you were riding on the running board?!!!