Thursday, June 23, 2011


Bay area to Klamath Falls 381 miles.  All the equipment is working, no high load miss in the Bronco, got about 14 mpg until we hit the up part and then average dropped to 12. Cheapest gasoline so far $3.73 in Dunnigan.  Spent a large part of the day with Mt. Shasta in our view as we approached it from the South and then circled around it to the NE.  Here are a couple pictures from the day.  Double click on any pic to get a giant size version.


And here is the puzzle for the day.  What is it that is in front of us?


On the other side of Mt Shasta.


Stopped at a Veterans Memorial alongside Hwy 97. This Living Memorial Sculpture Garden has 132 acres devoted to the veterans from the Revolutionary War to the present.



Anonymous said...

Hi B.& P. and B.& P.,
My "T" has some of the same problems your Bronco had. Maybe I need one of those "mass flow sensors?" That oughtta fix it!
Sounds like you're well on your way. Everybody's still smiling!
B. & M.

M3 said...

Great pic with the mountain in the background!

It's funny to have all the "grands" on trips at the same time. Y'all sure are an adventurous bunch.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures. We feel like we are there with you. Looking forward to the next blog. You sure know how to keep your club members entertained.

L & AG