Monday, June 27, 2011


Our trek today took us all around the Alberta prairie to the South of Pincher Creek and included a loop through the northern edge of Glacier Park.  The snow covered Rockies dominate the vistas to the South, West and Northwest.  There was a long tour and a short tour.  About 20 cars including us took the long tour, so we covered 168 miles, the equivalent of an Endurance Run.  TDSC00192

Our longest stop today was at a Carriage Museum in Cardston, AB. Literally hundreds of restored carriages, wagons, and sleighs.



On the road, rolling prairie, green, green, green, always a snow capped vista everywhere you look.  This is primarily grassland cattle country, and they are definitely well fed.  The grass is up to their bellies.




In the late afternoon, all the cars gathered at the Great Canadian Barn Dance for another Alberta beef dinner,  if you were a hardy soul, you stayed for dancing, we headed for Pincher, got in about 8 o’clock and flopped for a nap.   Cars performed well, no major glitches, and we had ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Relatively uneventful day surrounded by beautiful scenery,  just fine with us.


Anonymous said...

Looks like you are all having a splendid time. Nice scenery & great pics. How does Pat Bratt like touring in the speedster? Maybe she & Bill will consider the REAL Endurance Run next year?

L & AG

Anonymous said...

Hi B.,P.,B.,P.,
Beautiful pix. And it looks like the auto traffic on the hiway is mangeable! Hope everyone has recuperated from your "T" races.
-B.& M.

Unknown said...

Wish we were there...what a neat trip! You two are having waay too much fun...
John & Judy