Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Scenic Waterton  Lakes National Park was our destination today, about 100 miles for a pretty easy day.  Pincher Creek is noted for the wind blowing and it didn’t disappoint us today!  We had to hang onto our hats in one heck of a crosswind.  But the scenery was gorgeous with majestic mountains, waves of blowing grasses and Model T’s traveling up and down the hills. Nothing more pleasing than 95 T’s heading out in the same direction.



Had another little carburetor problem today (seems to be my nemesis.)  On the first hill out of town, began to sputter, starving for fuel.  We pulled into a cemetery (appropriate, huh?) and I drained water and crap out of the carb and sediment bowl and beat on the sediment bowl to knock the crap off the screen.  Kinda think I got some junk when I fueled up this morning.  Ran fine after the second stop for treatment.  We  arrived about 9:30 in Waterton Park. Amid the peaks are the Lakes which are carved out of the rock by ancient glaciers. The wind was blowing and there were small white caps forming on the water. The quaint town is home to herds of deer roaming freely, grazing, resting  and watching the tourists take their pictures.  These deer didn’t even look up when some folks walked by on that sidewalk three feet away.


All the Model T folk were scheduled for a 2 hour boat tour, but I declined,  the lake had way too many whitecaps, and that boat was way too loaded for me. 


So we went up to the Prince of Wales Lodge and enjoyed the view of the lake out of the wind.



When we returned to Pincher, we toured Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village with 16 heritage buildings. The most interesting building was the Doukhobor Bath House which was used every Saturday for weekly baths. The Children were bathed first on Sat. afternoons, then the ladies bathed, then the young men and finally the older men. Also on the grounds there were two different graves with a small fence around each one. Bob was very upset with the “stakes”that were used.



Anonymous said...

96 T's in a row......that would make a good song. And do you think you could bring some of those "stakes" around the graves home with you? The Club could make some money at the auction. Happy travelling and hold onto those hats.

L & AG

Anonymous said...

Hi B.,P.,B.,P.,
That guy buried there must have been "an ol' crank!"
Enjoying your trip. The pictures are fun.
B.& M.

Anonymous said...

Now that you've seen their ultimate use, start saving crankshafts!! You could use a "Date of Manufacture"
placque for a headstone.
Everything is fine on the street.

Al & Mary

Unknown said...

Wow...forgot how beautiful Waterton was, we gotta get back there again. You lucky yous.