Friday, June 24, 2016


Only 80 degrees when we got up this morning in Barstow,   formed up a convoy and hightailed it out of town.
We've got a convoy!!!!

Barstow to Needles was incredibly smoky, amazing how far the fire smoke carries from southern CA.    Crossed the Colorado into AZ and the price of gas dropped 40 cents per gallon. And our speed limit went from 55 to 75.   And 75 is what the big rigs do.
Pressed on and found this is our day for trailer tires.    Peder blew one by Needles, put the also.  Hot weather, bumpy roads, tires need to be in really good shape to survive.

Anyway, visited the Mohave and Route 66 Museums in Kingman, and then lunch in a retro diner,,,

and then,,,,,,,

Okay, Bob, where are we?

Right on, Snow Cap Drive-In in Seligman.
With its righteous facilities out back.  Alberta, be careful, I think that is the men's.

Also found rust, you know how that is.
Had to lock the ladies up while we negotiated that one.     (to no avail)

Ended the day in Williams, 7000 ft and cool.   So nice.


Jane said...

We are very familiar with that SNOWCAP in Seligman!! Fun!

Bob said...

Hey, we love the SnowCap!
Good to see you are keeping up a healthy milkshake to miles ratio on this roadtrip