Monday, June 27, 2016


First touring day!   157 miles,  good workout for the T's.  Our plan, leave early, get in early.  Sun just peeking and lots of activity in the back lot.

Headed south out of Albuquerque, on the secondary roads and crossed the Rio Grande,,,,

Which is actually pretty big here.

Donut stop at a Ford dealer,,,,,

Okay, just how many people will a T carry????

Albuquerque Host Larry Azevedo, grandson and Pat.

And then more country road,,,,,,,    on and on,,,,,,

Lunch in Mountainair, try to find that one on the map.

Stopped at some ancient pueblo ruins, from Spanish Friars time,,,,

But most importantly, found ice cream at this tiny country store,  the tour made their day, for sure.

Are we out in the country?  Check out these signs.

Tonight, pizza party and T adjustments, getting ready for tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

The pueblos look really interesting. Love that kind of stuff. Being in the country is very different. Cougars would scare me more than bears! We have bear spray but didn't have to use it, wonder if it works on cougars? Mary & Bob

Scarlet said...

Looks like everyone had a fun day, Great bunch of pictures, Thanks for sharing. Keep safe,

Catherine said...

Great to see you and follow along your travels. Miss the 2 of you!!!

Bob said...

Glad you didn't find any Cougars or bears!
We've only seen one bear so far in Tahoe this trip, and our nephew saw one too.

Jane said...

Looks like a good day!!