Wednesday, June 29, 2016


You know how you can tell a good day coming?     Leaving the hotel in Albuquerque for Santa Fe, I hit 7 miles of green lights through the city,  Wahoo!!!!   That got us out onto the backroads of NM and onto the Turquoise Trail,  so named because there have been turquoise mines here for 1000 years.   Beautiful western country drive.

Fun stop at Madrid at the Mine Shaft Bar.    Madrid was at one time the biggest ghost town in the U.S.  They mined coal here until 1954, then shut down and everybody walked away.   Now recovered as an artsy town.    With a great coal mine museum, just the way it was left in 1954.   I like locomotives.


   Several movies have been made here. 
This is Maggies Diner in Wild Hogs.
I liked this artifact.
We did find a dirt road to go down to another museum.
The on to Santa Fe,  bunch of troublemakers blocking the street.
Got a good shot of a large chunk of the T’s attending.    Look close and you can see Pat and Ray’s white wheels.

One more picture of the day,   yard art…….



Anonymous said...

I can now see why we didn't hear from you for a while. You've been busy!!!!!! Looks like fun. Enjoying your pictures.
Bob & Mary B.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun day. Did Pat buy any turquoise? Mary & Bob