Sunday, July 20, 2008


Slept in a little since we got in so late last night. This morning drove to Lincoln to check out the Bill Smith Museum, Strike One, closed on weekends, but the parts counter was open so we checked that out, and peered into the giant warehouse, and picked up catalogs and pressed on into Iowa.

Bob decided that the thing to do for lunch was to get off the interstate, go into a small town, and hit a local café for some good old Iowa home cooking. Rich picked the town of Walnut, and Bob picked Aunt B’s restaurant. Great choice with homemade pie at $1.99 a slice. Bob asked for rhubarb, but when he took the first bite it turned out to be apple walnut. Ate it anyway and then asked for another slice and described how rhubarb pie looks to the waitress who had apparently never had rhubarb. (Incidentally, we found out she is a fugitive from LA). She brought a piece of rhubarb this time and was so embarrassed that she declined to charge for it, so Bob got two pieces for 1.99.

After lunch, we browsed the local antique stores. Bob got a car tool, spring leaf spreader for greasing your leaf springs.

At this same location, we began to see busloads of people and bicycles, because tomorrow is the start of the Ride across Iowa, an annual event attended by thousands. Janet was inspired to climb up the bicycle sign at the gas station.

Then we pounded the highway, having decided to visit the Iowa State Auto Museum on the other end of the state. Strike Two, the brochure said open till 6, the door said open till 5, we got there at 5:15.
Okay, onward, after a few miles more we came to the world’s largest truckstop, and it was complete with a large truck showroom, large truck parts and accessory area, barber shop, theatre, dentist, showers, etc, the works. There were lots of historical pictures to look at, and one of the truckers who saw us looking at them said that the trucking museum next door was open till 10. We promptly hotfooted it over, figured we might find one museum open. Strike Three, closed, so we looked in the windows at a few of the antique trucks and declared it a day for the museums.


Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH, JANET!!! You look like you're stuck in the bicycle spokes!
We hope you get to Indiana in time for the convention! It was last week, you know...STRIKE FOUR! Who planned this trip, anyway? Great Pix. Thanks,
Bob & Mary B.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a SF Giants game. At least Bob got 2 pieces of pie. Bet he was a happy camper.Janet looked like one of those spinner on the spokes. Glad everyone is having a good time.The pictures were great. Continue having fun. Say Hi to Ray and Linda for us.........Later
Bob & Shirley

Anonymous said...

Paige Fontaine Sepulveda says:

Dad, shave your beard or whatever that is! It is too white.

Mom, kids are still alive.

Love ya,


Anonymous said...

It does sound like the giants kind of score. How'd you like to do a bike trip on one of those Janet? I'm sure Jack Castor would. Nice to see good ole mid-west pictures again. Continue to have a good trip...I think I can, I think I can, and you'll be there before you know it! Judy/John
PS missing any kids lately?

Catherine said...

3 for 3? Too bad! I'm guessing Rod wished MM and I had had the same trouble on Saturday. She and I did really well during our nap time outlet mall run! ;o)

Will you be hitting any of these places on your way back or do you take a different route? Hopefully you'll find some places that are open. So disappointing when you have your hopes up.

Enjoying following your travels friend although this crazy Canadian thought you'd made some really good time when you were already in New England on Day 4!! Ooops...I'm guessing you were in Nebraska? Heh....better brush up on my US geography although as long as I can make my way to CA it's all good!!