Friday, July 25, 2008

DAY 8 – From the Mansion to the Winchester Speedway

Another great touring day on these perfect Model T roads, first stop at “The Mansion” bed and breakfast, for morning coffee stop. It is a restored turn of the century mansion, absolutely lovely, and you know what? It is going on the market at the end of the year, for about a half million. (Has a 3 carriage garage in the back,,,,,,,,)

Then we stopped at Mrs. Wicks pie shop for lunch, good food, very reasonable and pies of every kind for $2 a slice. They were a little overwhelmed by all the T folks, so Ray helped out, bussed a few tables, we left him a tip.

And then, the highlight of the day, on to Winchester Speedway, the “fastest half mile track in the world”. Wow, got to run the speedster around this very steeply banked oval flat out, really fun. It was so banked that on one lap, I got slowed way down behind another stock T and 44 began to sputter because the gasoline all ran to the downhill side. I loaned the speedster to Chuck and Rich so that they could make some laps also.

Pictures: The mansion, Ray bussing tables, and the Speedway.

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Anonymous said...

Poor Ray he had to get a job already...Is he out of gas money?Once again the pictures were great.Looks like everyone is having a good time. We are going on the Model A Day tour tomorrow. It sounds fun. We will miss you all.Have a goog night.
Bob & Shirley