Monday, July 21, 2008


Mileage wise, this was our shortest day, saved to last, which was a good thing, cause we are definitely getting a little road weary. First thing this morning, we crossed the Mississippi into the Illinois farmland guess what, more corn and soybeans to look at, and you definitely want to observe the truck and trailer speed limit in Illinois, lots of state troopers in smokey bear hats wielding radar guns and even pulling over the big rigs. We did pick up I70 which takes you directly to Richmond.

The big highlight of the day was our stop at the Indy speedway. We unloaded the speedsters and ran them up in front of the museum for a picture. I think the other tourists enjoyed it too, a lot of pictures were snapped. Then we all climbed into the shuttle vans for a ride around the track (at 35 mph, despite our encouragement to open it up) and went into the museum to admire all the vintage race cars.

We came out of the museum into a gulley whomper, and splashed our way out of Indianapolis and back onto I70 to Richmond. Found all the other members of SCVMTFC, almost everyone is staying at the Super 8. We didn’t have time to get to the fairgrounds to register today, that will have to wait until tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

So glad you made it. Is Ray and Linda still speaking to each other?I mean after 5 days .WOW So now the real fun begins.Enjoy. Thanks again for the update.
Bob & Shirley

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Good job Bob and Ray. Have a wonderful time enjoying all those T's now and let others drool over those speedsters! Maybe now, you guys can get your bearings back by staying put for a few days. Nice to read about your trials and tribulations. Drive safe...

Anonymous said...

We are also glad to see you are there. Did you say Hi to Mom on the way through Bloomington?

We missed a couple of days, so need to point out there are no native to the US Antelopes, only Pronghorns. (You need to travel with Kafer more.)

Have a great trip and remember: July is National Ice Cream Month.

Susan and Dave J.

Anonymous said...

Now you can relax for a few days, then,...Homeward Bound. Are you coming back the same route or opting for new scenery? By the way, the "T" meeting on Thurs. night was the shortest in history. We were driving off in our car at 8:30. (and the meeting started at 8:02!)Guess we know where all the long talkers are!!
-Bob & Mary

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful week there! We think about all of you every day!

Ron & Barbara

Catherine said...

What a great picture! Your Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car and handsome driver look great in front of that museum! What a treat for those who were there. You're a star BobBob!

Glad you're there safe. Let the fun times roll! Errr...maybe walk as I'm sure you've had enough rolling down the highways for a few days now.

Miss you! xoxo