Saturday, July 19, 2008


Woke up to the smell of money (crude oil). The whole town of Rawlins was permeated with the smell of crude, must have been from the refinery just outside of town. I guess if you live there, you don't mind, if you own one of those wells, you sure don't mind. Hit the road early, stopped for breakfast in Laramie at McDonalds, and there are the Tregieros again. Lots of antelope on the high plains this morning.

Climbed out of Laramie and then had a fast downhill run to Cheyenne where we blundered into and out of Frontier Days, I think this would be a fun event to attend someday, looks like it would be second to the stampede in Calgary. Next stop was at Cabela's in Sydney, NE for lunch and shopping. Bob bought another pair of trail pants (many pockets) and they hemmed them on the spot. After Sydney, mile after mile after mile of wheat and corn. Wheat harvest is in full swing, combines everywhere, and they don't stop till sundown.

By the way, Janet gets a lifetime achievment award, after entering NE, she has now been in all 50 states. We celebrated by taking her to the Old Ford Garage in Julesberg, CO, so she got to enter NE twice today. The Garage is courtesy of Ray, who always finds interesting things and people. He knows Lee Kizer's brother who sent us to Lee Kizer in Julesberg who operates the Old Ford Garage which is kind of a little private museum in a bona fide old Ford garage that dates back to 1908. We enjoyed the old cars, gas pumps, and memorabilia including a vintage barber shop which Lee still operates one day a week for his cronies.

Back on I80, we had a headwind which held our speed down until it finally died down. We lost another hour today so we really got in late, again. (11:00) Oh well, we are not wasting any time, sitting around in motels. bought gas today for $3.99 and thought it was a real bargain, how quick we adapt.

Enjoyed all the blog comments. Always fun to read them.


Anonymous said...

Well, you're gettin' there...
Happy All Fifty States Janet! It's a Red Hat Day, I'd say.
Almost there, or you must be half way by now?
Drive safe,
J and J

M3 said...

Wow, Janet has now been in all 50 states?! That is seriously cool -- I don't know anyone else who has done that.

Love the stories. Hope you're already asleep by the time this comment posts.

TubaDad said...

I'm surprised that Nebraska was Janet's last state of the 50! I've been to most of them myself, but it's the pesky, out-of-the-way states like Maine and Alaska that I need to cross off my list!

Congratulations, Janet. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys. Sorry we missed your last post. Sounds like everyone is having a great time. Thanks for keeping us updated. We had a good day today, we went to our family reunion in lodi. the weather was real nice. Keep having fun and be safe.
Bob & Shirley