Wednesday, July 23, 2008


8:00 seminar on early Fords before the Model T. And then on to our tour for today. 85 mile loop. First stop was at the Hoosier Gym, where the basketball movie “Hoosiers” was filmed. That was the morning coffee stop, and of course we had to shoot a few hoops.

Then onward to Wilbur Wrights birthplace, and I might say that all the tours are on Model T roads out through the farmland. And you either have corn on both sides of the road or soybeans on both sides of the road or one of each. The Wilbur Wright birthplace is a farmhouse out in the country that the local folks rescued and restored. Nice museum goes with it, with a replica of the Wright Bicycle shop and a Wright Flyer. The ladies had to drag us gentlemen out of there.

But the best thing of the day was the antique airplane fly-in at the Hagerstown airport which is a grass strip out in the country. All the Model T’s went to this one, so we got the chance to see all the T’s in one place. Wow, mind boggling. Hope the pictures do it justice. The antique airplanes did some fly-bys and then had a flour bombing contest.

Long day, but great fun. Couple misc pictures, Bob and Ray tightening Ray's low band, and one of a Model T Semi truck.


Anonymous said...

Love the b-ball action shot


Anonymous said...

We think the shot under the car is just an excuse to take a nap???
Nice cornfield shots,brings back goin' thru Iowa. But the Model T shots are mind boggling...
Keep on enjoying and sending those shots!!!
J & J

Anonymous said...

how is indy, and the speedway ?
been to the 500 about five times
over the years. finish out the military at old fort harrison on the the military at old fort harrison. had some great friends
that lived in indiana,but they are
all gone. jim in pa

Anonymous said...

Wow, can't imagine all those Model T's in one place. Great pictures.
Bob must have really enjoyed the airplanes! Sounds like lots of fun.
I am doing so much better, I even went in to work for a couple hours twice this week! Of course I came home and took really loooong naps, but at least I felt like doing something.
Glad you are having such fun. The pictures are great.
Love, Mary & Bob too

Catherine said...

What a great day with so many fun things to do! Not sure which pic was more fun...the bball boys or those adorable knees sticking up from below the car!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures. Looks like everyone is having a good time. All those T's look awesome..Have a great day.
Bob & Shirley

Anonymous said...

So, now that Mary's better,...if we left Ca. in our T today, we could make it there by August 4.(if no breakdowns) Should be no problem getting a room then! I'd better check with Mary and see what she thinks.
Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Gee you guys look like you are having the time of your life. I wish I was there also. I am looking forward to hearing the "rest of the story" when you all get back.