Friday, July 25, 2008


I came up a bit froggy on Thursday, so decided not to tour, but rather just spend the day at the fairgrounds, and also this was the first day of the swap meet. Santa Clara Valley Model T Club had a space where we put up a canopy and our club banner. There was a pretty good turnout of vendors and lots of stuff. Bob Edwards bought another speedster body and a Muncie to go with it. In the one picture of Mark Edwards, the young boy with him is Artie Vaughn who wants to build a speedster in the worst way, we will be sending him some plans and instructions on how to do it.

On Friday, still froggy, so more hanging out at the fairgrounds, and the swap meet was still on for another day. And, this was the finals of the take apart car. We named ourselves the Santa Clara Valley Wrecking Company, 6 guys plus Trixie and Lizzie who were our cheat sheet holders. And needless to say, we kicked butt, got the car together and running in 19 minutes, 52 seconds, which was the best time ever for this assembly.

Tonight was the final banquet, lots of people in era clothes, live band, filet mignon. We all got a plaque for our first place finish with the take apart car.

This has been an incredible event. There are 1000 local volunteers and several dozen local sponsors. As you drive down the roads on tour there are literally hundreds of signs at businesses, churches, motels, restaurants, gas stations which say “welcome Model T’s”. Folks here have bent over backwards to make all the T people feel really welcome and appreciated.

And so we now head for home tomorrow morning, so this will be the last post unless something extraordinary comes along. We will be generally following what used to be route 66.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you all. Good job. Looks like SCVC wins again.Sounds like you all had a real good time. We have enjoyed reading your daily news. Have a safe trip home..............
Bob & Shirley

Anonymous said...

Be sure to bring Trixie and Lizzie home with you! Thanks for the daily reports and pictures. Kept all us "stay-at-homes" involved! Looks like you are all sporting suntans! Will check back to see if you post anything interesting along Rt. 66. We're going to see how Mary does on the short Model A Tour today? See you when you get here.
-Bob & Mary

Catherine said...

Hope you're feeling better soon sweetie. ((hugs))

Way to go SCVWC! You kicked butt in the competition and were awarded for your efforts!

I'm glad you've had such a great time at the Model T show! What a wonderful way to get together with so many friends who have similar interests and knowing you you're walking away with a bunch of new friends too!

Love you friend. Safe travels home. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Well, it sure looks like you all had a GREAT time. Congrats on the "time" award. Just wanted to say hey.
J and J
PS drive home safely...

M3 said...

Love the Wrecking Company photo!!

Safe driving,

Anonymous said...

have a safe trip back home on old

rt 66, nice tour and a little of

back home in Indiana

jim in pa