Saturday, June 20, 2009


Okay, folks, we are ,,,, on the road again,,,,, goin places that we've never been,,,,, seein things we'll never see again,,,,, and we're glad we're on the road again,,,,,

Got a gaggle of 3, towing our T's to Kanab UT for the national Model T Tour next week. We met at the Safeway in Morgan Hill for gas, you know how much Chuck got off his gas with his Safeway card? Discounted $1.50 a gallon!!!!!!

The Porsche in the background is Glenn's, who came down to see us off and Vicki sent snack bags and frozen chocolate brownies, oooooo....

Through the garlic smell and brunch at Harris Ranch, some folks had breakfast, some lunch and some dinner. After all, we are on vacation, so nothing counts, right?

On south to Bakersfield, temperature climbing, 103 in Bakersfield and Chuck's AC not working. Toured a couple really big antique stores in downtown BF, we all found something we needed, Chuck has a new whatzit? Then up the big hill to Tehachapi, little cooler. Had dinner and entertainment at the Apple Shed. Ray had a peach pastry for an appetiser, dinner and then an apple turnover for dessert. Me, I just had home made apple pie with a big scoop of ice cream.

Quotes for the day:
Chuck: "my handheld radio doesn't do 5.6." Linda: "You must have a Chevy radio."

Chuck after checking under the trailer: "It's getting harder to get up." Bob: "That's because the ground is lower than it used to be!!"

Bob: "When we get to Vegas, I'm going to cruise the strip in my T cause it might be my last chance." Ray: "I'm younger than you, so I'll have another chance."


Anonymous said...

Hi All,
Glad your trip got off to a good start! We enjoy "riding along" with your travelogue-blog.
Save some of the "juicy stuff" for our next meeting.
-Bob & Mary B.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the road!! Ha ha Seems like we have been on for long time. In Ouray,co tonight, Durango tomorrrow. karla,chris and I ride train on Monday

Unknown said...

Ah HA!!! I found you! Glad your not in the twlight zone...was beginning to wonder.
John & Judy
PS Ray--was about to call you at home; then remembered...NOT HOME!! Just a small senior moment.