Friday, June 26, 2009


6:30am: Drivers stirring in the parking lot, checking and rechecking and tightening bolts. Amazing how things loosen up. Could be related to the 3 mile dirt road that we vibrated over yesterday.

Todays tour was 173 miles to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon and back. We could have done more with an optional additional 32 miles but we weary travelers passed on that one, too many steep low pedal hills. On the way back, when we broke out of the trees onto the high desert, the wind was howling. Some folks put their tops down, some folks put their tops up. I put Kleenex in my left ear and slowed down to reduce the flapping. Bill thought his depot hack was going to tip over. Tonight we are getting a little rain.

Great sights today: a large herd of buffalo with lots of little ones; the Canyon (always awesome), the high mountain meadows.

Today’s interesting signs:
“Lotto, ammo, guns, beer” (Now is that a combination or what?)
“Ace Hardware and Quilt Shop”
“No passing” (Halfway up a really steep hill, putting along in low pedal at 10 mph, HA!)
(At dinner tonight, on the drinks menu), “Squatters Chasing Tail Golden Ale”, “Squatters Provo Girl”, “Wasatch Polygamy Porter”, “Zion Canyon Virgin Stout”

Today’s true confession from George and Don Azevedo when I asked: “George, how come you can continually pass me on a hill with 4 people in that 1914 touring, what do you have under that hood?” “Oh, not much, does have a Sherman head, and does have high dome Chevrolet pistons, yeah, the cam is a little hot, oh, and big valves, and a counterweighted crankshaft, it also has an oil pump to the mains.” That was all they would own up to right off hand. Did say that it will do 55 on the level with 4 people. Surprisingly enough, it does have an NH carb.

Todays pictures: Heading for the North Rim; Entering the Park; the touring group at the Lodge; Lunch at the edge; a canyon view; buffalo herd (Look at the big guy in the middle watching us.) And last but not least a little high mountain meadow movie:

(Now John, doesn’t that give you itchy feet?)


Unknown said...

Don't know about John...but mine sure are!

Just heard that Nicholsons are going to Oregon by THEMSELVES, so Bill signed up for the big AAA package.

M3 said...

Great singing in the video! The girls will love watching that one.

Anonymous said...

Sounds and looks like you all had another great day. I'ts been fun keeping up with you.The video was pretty nice,and the singing????????Have a safe trip home....
Shirley & Bob

Catherine said...

What a wonderful day!!! The video made me smile from ear to ear and then laugh out loud when I heard that you're video taping and Wela is manning the wheel. You two are TOO cute!! Loved watching the video and hearing your sing!

Now, about the Grand Canyon...breath taking!!! Someday I would love to see it...amazing!!

Anonymous said...

Over a month late, but checked in and enjoyed your chronicle and the serenade. Thelma