Monday, June 22, 2009


At 7:00 am, Patti went to the runabout to start loading for the day, and,,,, found a rubber snake on the floorboard. Woke up anybody who was still sleeping in town. Looks like the SCVMTFC prankster is still out there and on this tour. By 7:55, the snake had been found in at least 3 other cars.

Scenery on our drive to Bryce was beautiful, we had plenty of time to look at it, seemed like it was uphill all the way, although the altitude here must have something to do with that. But guess what, going home was into a stiff headwind, so it still seemed like we were going uphill. Average speed about 28mph (downhill).

Wildlife spotted included, wild turkeys, herd of elk, herd of antelope(with a small herd of about 8 babies), buffalo (with 2 cute little babies).

Glendale police department must be having similar budget cuts to Kanab, another cruiser parked on the street with a mannikin.

One small mechanical problem, Ray developed a bad plug, Arne Jorgensen had a blowout.

153 mile roundtrip today. Mostly full throttle, either climbing or into the wind. Just shows how tough a Model T engine can be. Of course, being at altitudes all above 5000 ft, the engine can't make enough power to hurt itself.

Signs along the way: "Handmade caskets" (we didn't order one); "Fines doubled for speeding" (haaa, very funny); "Nightcrawlers $2/doz" (retro 1950's); "custom made sheepherders wagons (these were cool)"

Lessons learned for the day: When you put the top down and slather up with sunscreen, don't forget your knees!!!!

Video for the day, parking lot entertainment, we all stand around and watch whoever is working on their car:

Pictures: Found in our car!; At the Bryce entrance (only had to drive up the wheelchair ramp to get this picture); Pat looking at nature; my new camper; caskets???; Folks watching the parking lot entertainment; what they are looking at.


Anonymous said...

Hi All,
Happy Belated birthday Chuck! Sounds like you had a great Fathers Day. Boy Patti you only screamed loud enough to wake people up - I would have woke the dead in the cemetary! What a scary snake.
Mary & Bob B

Unknown said...

That snake isn't as scarry as coming across a rattler! Where to next? Guess I'll have to continue to read your reports!Love 'em. Enjoy, Love, Judy

Anonymous said...

Hey guys (and girls)! I just found your blog. Good to hear of your travels. Sounds like great fun. We missed you at High Country. Watch out for snakes of any kind!! Sharon P.

Anonymous said...

Hello.. Boy its Hot here today...How many miles does that snake have..If I remember it made another trip with you guys.Hope you had a great day 5. The pictures were great....