Sunday, September 24, 2017

MAFCA National Tour - Day 1

September 24, 2017, Los Altos Hills to Paso Robles, 202 miles.   8:00, on the road, 8:15 damn radiator cap leaking, changed it.  8:45 2nd cap leaking, changed back to the original cap and cinched it down good, finally, no more spray on the windshield.    Picked up Fontaines and Eldertons at the Coyote exit on 101 and headed south.  Picked up Gas and Togo sandwiches  and Jones in Hollister and on the road down CA route 25 again.  Stopped for a picnic lunch at Pinnacles, which was a comedy of errors.    First off, yellow jackets by the swarm.    Second, Nora and Chuck discovered that the rickety picnic tables at Pinnacles won't tolerate two people on one side with no one on the other.   Table did a slow motion tip-over and deposited them on the ground.  Fortunately, only their dignity was damaged.   Hasty lunch swatting at yellow jackets and back on the road.

And then a detour showed up and we are thinking, "oh, no, hope it is not a dirt road."  Fortunately it was paved and short.

This back road to Paso Robles is real neat and uncrowded.   We went one stretch for an hour and a half and did not see a car.

This afternoon and evening at the Estrella Warbird Museum,,,,


I got to fly an F-18 flight simulator.

but my flying put Ray to sleep,,,,

Early departure tomorrow for the coast,,,,,,  zzzzzz,,,,


Catherine said...

Love the picture of all the cars driving in front of you!

Safe travels and have fun! I'd say 'stay out of trouble' but I think I'm already too late for that comment! :)

Bob said...

Airplanes and old cars....looks like a great day!