Tuesday, September 26, 2017

MAFCA National Tour - Day 3

September 26, Paso Robles to Monterey, 153 miles.  North we go on the back roads out past Lake Naciemento, pretty country, oaks and oats makes it golden.

Took a side trip to Mission San Antonio (1781) which takes you through Hunter Liggett military base, where we met this guy at an intersection.

Photo ops at the mission.

Mission museum was closed (strike 1), but the grounds were very interesting to walk around.  One of the neat things was this grinding mill.   Top floor had a grinding stone that was driven by this water wheel in the basement.   Fascinating.

Back on the road north, to King City and lunch at a Castro's Deli & Bakery, no English here.  Patti had to tell me that torta means sandwich.    Duhh.    Tried for the Agricultural History Museum in King City, but it was closed also (strike 2).   Drat, on north,  now in the farmlands,,,,,,

Took the backroad through Carmel Valley to Monterey,  Motorcycle Museum in Carmel Valley also closed.   {3 strikes). Seems like all that twisty turny up and down roads leads to a nap or two.

After recovering, found fish and chips at John Steinbeck Plaza in Monterey.   Good way to finish off the day.

Two strange sights on Cannery Row.  Vitality Aqua Massage and O2 Bar.    Lie (float) in one of these tubes with full body massage jets,  look it up,,,,,,,,,

and a double decking parking garage,,,,,,,   What next????

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Catherine said...

A nap is well deserved after 3 strikes! Except I would choose to nap in one of those cool massage thingys....yes, that's the technical term I'm sure!!

Safe travels! Living vicariously through you as I sit in my office. ;)