Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Adieu Aufwedersien Ciou...

Can't spell those foreign words. We're going to put the blog to bed now that we're in Pendelton. We are dispersed in all directions, doing many different activities. The Saturday Departure Group, Ted & Susan, Don & Judy, Ron & Liz and Jay & Jeannie have just arrived, so we are all present and accounted for. Saw Patti & Sam at the Convention Center and Clair & Philippa just came in from Medford. Nice day today in the eighties...but still no sign of Bob & Patti...DARN! Some of us took a 72 mile ride down the road to Echo,
where the Rohdes Family lives in a beautiful home overlooking many acres of their wheat fields...downstairs they have a mini museum of era collectables from old model trains to a 1903 one-of-a-kind vintage car. We've included a few pictures of the tour and one picture of Linda washing the Vicky for the second time in as many days!

The return trip ought to be uneventful as far as day to day reporting, and you all are probably sick of hearing about us, so we'll see how it goes on the return side of this adventure with the Model A gremlins.
Thanks for riding up with us vicariously, and regrets that the creators of the blog were not here to report...
John/Judy and the rest of the mob, July 24, 2007

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Bob M. said...

Good job on the blog, John, you do a much better job with the pictures than me, I am never sure where the pictures are going to land.

Put the little black coupe in the back of the garage, not even going to look at it for a couple weeks. I think the green roadster had a smirk.

bob m