Monday, July 23, 2007

Day arrivals

We have all arrived in Pendelton. There's a plethora of stories to tell, however.
John & Judy stayed away from the main group at the Cascade Locks in a little cabin in the midst of re-modelling. The rest of the group stayed at the Best Western, and none of the rooms were under heavy construction.

Anticipating a 7AM start time, J&J arrived at the hotel early, to find no Model A-ers stirring. Will straggled into the lobby to report that the depart time had been revised to 8AM. Linda appeared, and we asked her if she had seen Bill yet this morning, to which she cheerilly replied: "I saw him earlier fiddling with his horn..." A moment passed as J & J looked at each other, before we asked: "Sparton?". We referred to our spiral-bound, official Northwest Regional Driving Schedule, but there was nothing about a new depart time, or fiddling with your horn that early in the morning...
Some of us crossed the bridge to the Washington side of the Columbia River, heading for Pendelton, while others elected to take the nice 4 lane, separated highway on the Oregon side. J & J had a flat about 30 miles out to start the morning,

Daryl is losing oil from the rear main faster than he can pour it in, Bill & Linda have been experiencing Model A hot flashes in this heat, and all of us arrived a tad testy and damp in the heat.
Happy Hour dispelled all our rancor, hosted by Daryl and Jack in a special room they paid for out of their own pocket! Nice touch, guys! We needed to unwind after a 1000 plus miles on the road!

Dave & Susan, Jack & Diana have arrived, and we were tickled to see Chris & Sharon pull into the parking lot in their Model A. We left Bill in the Happy Hour room demonstrating the Blog site to our new travel companions (Delta A's) Ed & Dianne.
As we departed for our rooms, I passed Karla while she was using her key card to open her door. Will was farther down the hall, and I told him Karla was going into a strange room back there. Without a blink, he said "We gotta pay for this trip somehow". Oh Will, oh Will...You gonna pay for that!
Maybe we're just like over-stimulated children...we need to go to bed.

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Pat said...

Yea, I'm so glad to hear that you have all made it to Pendleton. Will, you will definitely pay for that remark about paying for the trip, trust me.

See you,