Tuesday, July 31, 2007

There's always something

Before we explain why we're posting so late, we ought to run down the day's activities and start on a positive note. We left Alturas in two groups this morning early, around 6:30 AM...that translates to a 4AM wake up call, by the way. Winding along Hwy 299, the scenery gradually changed from high desrt chaparall to Scrub Oak, Jeffrey Pine, and Manzanita as we climbed in the crisp morning air toward the Lassen National Forest. Some stopped at the first antique store spotted in Fall River Mills, run by a skinny old biker guy who parked his Harley right inside the front door of his store. Bob and John bought big old cow bells, and some Model A tools. Then, not yet weary of the hunt, we stopped at another rust yard outside of Burney.
We all took a nice side trip to Burney Falls and spent an hour enjoying the peace and beauty of the place. But then it was on to Lassen Park, and a climb to over 8500 feet...some like it hot. Temps we're definitely on the rise as we rode through the park,learning about the catastrophic eruption of Lassen in 1915. We stopped at some sulphur springs and admired the crystal clear Lake Helen at the botttom of a steep winding ribbon of road.
Driving on to Chester in the 90 degree heat, there were casualties. Bill & Linda's Vicky is blowing water out of the manifold and bubbling up a storm in the radiator...all indications of either a cracked block, or hopefully, just a bad headgasket. The consensus is to wait until morning, and either leave, hoping the engine will get them home, or pull the head and change the gasket. More than a few of us are running a little rough, and we're like a band of road warriors straggling home after the barbarians massacred us in battle. One way or the other, we come home today....
John & Judy


Bob M. said...

Even though we have joined this band of road warriors late, it has been a great trip. Ed and Diane supplied pizza last eve and Bill supplied beverages so we didn't have to get in our tired Model A's again. Thanks guys. Everyone is still talking to each other and hopefully after a nights rest the cars will be anxious to head for the barn.

Tuesday promises to be a lively meeting. Many things happened that just couldn't be printed on the
pat & bob

Anonymous said...

We have followed you on the entire trip by checking the blog several times a day. Bob and Patti, it's so great that you had a spare car to rejoin the tour when it got back inside CA. We can't wait to read about the next Model A tour. We'll see you in a few weeks. Hug the girls for us!

Will Ed and Linda in Houston, Texas