Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Last Day in Pendleton

The car games took place yesterday, and one of the travelling group from the Touring A's won in that event...I believe they spell their name "Speers"...Ewert and Cathy.

A lot of us caught up on laundry or tried to eat at one last restaurant or see one more attraction we'd been meaning to experience all week. The Banquet was set out at the Convention Center and began at 5:30 PM. Good Prime Rib, friends, and liquid refreshment made the ensuing 4 hour event almost painless. Liz Bueno took Best of Show in fashion, our old friends, the Richards, took home an award of Excellence with that beautiful '28 Blindback of theirs.

Chris Lancaster took 1st in Hubleys and also made a fine showing in the Youth Awards program, taking home a grant of $75 for all his hard work and dedication to the hobby. Patti Jones also figured high in the Fashion category.

Speedy Elderton walked away with a nice plaque, and Lucky Linda won the centerpiece. We may have forgotten someone, but we'll get it straight by next meeting.
We all left breakfast at the Center this morning headed down Hwy 395.
The rolling plains transformed to an alpine system as we wound up into the piney woods of Battle Mountain in the Malheur National Forest. Gas stations were few and far between...none in Long Creek, and then a long stretch into John Day, Oregon on an empty tank, with a Model A running on memories. Nice ride into Burns with a few climbs and lots of trees. It's been hot up here, but no where near as hot as we expected.
Looks like we're all here in Burns/Hines, working our way down the map toward home. Tomorrow, we aim for Alturas. If you have any comments, feel free to put in your five cents worth right here.
John & Judy and a bunch of other Model A-ers


Bob M. said...

From Bob M on the Model T tour, (with the little green roadster). Today, we were driving thru Fairfield and the clutch pedal suddenly went to the floor in the middle of a shift. Another clutch arm!!!!! But I was prepared, back on the road in 20 minutes with my spare arm in place. Course now I am worried because I no longer have a spare. And some people never break these damn things.

Pat said...

Congratulations to all of the winners. Seems SCVC was well represented as usual. Wish we were there. Ofcourse as Bob stated our little break downs have followed us in another tour in another car. Enough is enough, no more now.
See you soon, take care,

Anonymous said...

Be sure to take note of the flashing light in Alturas at the intersection of Rt 299 and Rt 395? There aren't any actual traffic lights in the whole of Modoc County. Good eats at the Basque Restaurant in Alturas.

Glad you have all been having so much fun and that it hasen't been very hot.


Anonymous said...

Well Jack and I made it to Alturas after getting up at 4am !!! Bill wants us to be the "scouting party" with our wounded cars. We made great time and rolled into Alturas about 10:30 and hours ahead of the next cars !!! I got a room at the B/W and we went to eat.But we had to wait till 11. We went into a cool antique shop. We ate and when we came out there was a big wreck within feet of Jack and My cars. This was too much for Jack and he headed on home. He Needed to get back early anyways. About five minutes later as I was driving up the main street a strange green Model A Roadster was waving wildly at me. I figured it was some locals who never say another Model A in their town. I parked, to check out another store and then the Green Roadster pulled up behind my car and they got out. It was Bob and Pat M. !!!!!!!!! It was sure good to see them. Remember they are the people who broke down earlier and towed home. I talked to them last night on the cell and they said they were on a T tour. Sure nice to have them join us again. I invited them to my "scouting party" for the rest of the trip.
Darryl Coe