Friday, July 20, 2007

Day 2 – Raining on my parade.

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Bob M: Departed at 7:00am, at 7:15 got a call from Darryl, Jack’s battery was completely dead and they were still at the campground 15 miles south. Bob M gave some shade tree advice, “when you get it started, bang on the cutout, and if that doesn’t get it to charging, put on the alternator which Jack is carrying.” And the group kept on going in true SCVC fashion.

Several calls later, they were at our motel with a battery charger on the car. Except now they are 2 hours behind the pack.

Drove the twisty turny route 1 to Leggett and took pictures at the drive-thru redwood tree, and then made a break for Ferndale on 101 which compared to hwy 1 is a straight and level boulevard. Averaged 55 mph most of the way.

Ferndale is a Victorian town, very quaint, lots of gingerbread on the houses, main street right out of 1920. Great shops, old time soda fountain, general store with stacks of boaters, penny candy for $2 a bag.

12 miles to Eureka, gas is low, Patti claims the gas gauge is no longer bouncing, Bob says no problemo. The tank only took 9.27 gallons, see, lots of gas left. We ate family style for an hour and a half at the Samoa Cookhouse, and Jack and Darryl showed up in time to eat. Afterwards we all decided that we were not going to have dinner ever again, and pushed on north on 101.

And then the fun began, Bob’s little engine rattle became a BIGGER engine rattle. Stopped about 15 miles out of Crescent City to take a closer listen to my engine, and that’s when we decided that we were not going to make it to Pendleton. At 4:45 we passed a U-haul dealer in Crescent City, made a U-ie and got there just before he closed for the weekend and made arrangements for a truck and dolly. Meanwhile, Chuck Elderton came by and stopped to listen to the rattle. He immediately identified it as a broken piston, sounding just like the one he had a couple months ago. Chuck’s advice was to go have a nice dinner and forget about it. Good advice.

Checked into the Super 8, cancelled a bunch of reservations, and decided to go look for some food after all. We walked about a half mile down the road and went for a seafood dinner. As we were sitting there looking out the window, what else, it began to rain. Did we bring an umbrella? What do you think. This was the week that was, so far.

And here is a Jack story. Jack and Darryl met a guy taking pictures of the old cars, turns out they have mutual friends, asked about any cheap motels in Gold Beach, guy says I have a house that I am working on, you can stay there for free. So there they are in this old house, which now that it is raining is leaking a little. Jack is thinking of putting up his tent. But you gotta admit, the price is right.

John Guzzetta is hereby designated as the official blogger for the rest of the trip.

Bob m


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your engine, you can rush back and join us on the "T" tour to Woodland!!
-Bob & Mary B.

M3 said...

Boooo, so sorry guys! The girls will sure be happy to see you sooner than two weeks though. And I ran into Lucy G in the mall and she said they were going on a different tour, so run on home, switch horses, and get back on the road for Lucy's tour.

Hey, did you melt the piston and crack the engine block? It can happen REAL easy, ya know. :-)

TubaDad said...

We'll be glad to see you, but we're sorry it's quite a few days too soon. What a bummer of a trip!


Anonymous said...

hope you all are having a great

time. hey bob, what vintage 1970's

car do you have ?? i forgot

jim mc in pa